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  • LOVE IT!! I even spy Eeyore being woeful at the bottom - and the ears are super cute at the top. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!
    I did find some shirts on the Disney Store website. I did try at work but I like the shirts better on the The Disney Store website, even though they do not offer many colors. Thanks!
    OMG it was crazy!!! I got to the point I was like you know what... We're leaving!!! We were at AK on the 5th and it wasn't bad at all! I was ther during POP Warner week in 2008 and I will say I saw a huge difference in the amount of kids this year! I am hoping to write a TR but most likely won't be able to start it till after the holidays. Between the cold and crowds, I will definitely have to reconsider going in Dec again. I'm thinking maybe late Nov.
    I would like to get less posed "face" shots next time. Is that an older picture or fairly recent? I just love the bow in your daughters hair, too. I think that photo could be used for a WDW brochure! When is your next trip?
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