Trip Report Readers Chick Chat and Guy Gabbing Thread!


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Hi All!
During some of our back and forthing on @Tuvalu's most recent TR we started playing with the idea of starting a thread for trip reporters who would like a place to update and/or follow up on items of interest in their reports, or share some non-Disney news, weddings, graduations, ups and downs of life, but don't necessarily want to bump their trip report that may have been completed some time ago.
(I'm aware there is a general chit chat thread but this is a little more targeted).

I fell in love with the Chick Chat phrase @Tuvalu used in her report but we wanted to include the many gentlemen that seem to enjoy chatting and interacting as well and thus the addition of Guy Gabbing!
It's amazing when you think about how a forum has been the catalyst for people to engage and get to know one another virtually and then take it a step further and some of them to actually have the opportunity to meet in person. It's started to feel a little like family!

I'm going to tag a few people in this first post simply so individuals will become aware of the thread and if interested will hopefully tag others, etc.
(I'm limiting the number of people I bother tag so I don't annoy too many Magicians)! 🤣
@Tuvalu @riverside @Darstarr @lindawdw @Songbird76 @Loco_driver @amjt660 @fractal Good afternoon!

I'm going to start this off with some personal updates and if you kindly followed along in my October trip report you know we had some really rough news regarding my husband Gary and his cancer. We were told 2 days after we got back from Disney that Gary's cancer had spread to his brain. Well, 6 months later after several MRI's and PET scans, and multiple neurology consults, guess what? They now don't think he has cancer in his brain! He definitely had 3 separate areas of bleeding but caused by a combination of the particular chemo he was receiving and a condition called amyloid angiopathy. This can make him at increased risk for further bleeds but clearly better news than his cancer spreading further.

Through all of his treatments Gary has had a few goals. You all know about the first one, hoping to see his first grandchild, which he did and got to go to Disney with our crazy girl Una!!

She's now 18 months old and headed to the pool!
Look at her striking a pose!

Another big goal was to see our son Seth graduate college. And here they are!! Seth graduated from SCAD, Savannah campus a little over a week ago!

And then, against all of @Darstarr's recommendation he (we) moved him to Brooklyn a few days later!! Talk about crazy town! He even has the worlds tiniest balcony! (And by the way @Darstarr, public thank you for all of your NY move help)!!

He got a job doing what he loves, 3D game design where his piece of it (currently) is to sculpt hair, weapons, clothes etc. for the game characters. The job he has is with a company developing a multi player virtual reality game. And PS, he could have lived absolutely anywhere for this job and chose what I think is one of the most expensive places you can live, NY! :rolleyes: Oh well, you're only young once.

So what's the next big goal for the family?
A new little Disney goer is on the way and will hopefully arrive sometime next January!! Yep crazy girl will be a big sister to someone!
I'm trying to talk everyone into a little Disney run before that. Aleisha has suggested we might be allowed to take crazy girl to Disneyland in the fall! Stay tuned!

Well, I would love to hear from my fellow trip reporters. Home news, kid news, Disney news, animal news, vacation get it.
I would add that the desire is that this thread absolutely be a hostile free zone. Mild snark permitted and wanted, (looking at you @amjt660)! 🤣
There is so much aggression out there now and my comment is-like Grandma used to say, if you can't say something nice, don't bother saying anything at all!!
Hope you all agree!


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I’m here!!
And YAY!!

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Awww shucks!
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Ohh yeah! Any nice refreshing summer drinks with fruit and stuff?! (But a few novice level if you could), I have no idea how to make nice drinks.

I'll have to remember to share some when we make them at home. I'm hoping to try a making a blueberry mojito once blueberry season starts, which should be when I get back from WDW which I leave for in 3 days.


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Thank you so much for starting this. I have ventured into other realms on here and it can be quite scary.
Kind of where we were going with this. I have been reading trip reports for several years and in all of that time, I think there was one totally unnecessary remark made to someone. (They haven't been back)!
It's a very fun and I think very inclusive place to be.


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Lovin the thread @MickeyCB ! I’m so glad about Gary’s “re diagnosis “. I have thought of him frequently. Congratulations on the new baby and good job being brave sending Seth to New York. 😊
Hope people have fun with it, and Gary is out there doing this!

And this!
See that tiny little human over there? That's him cutting down a bunch of 60' trees for the shed he's getting! (He NEEDS somewhere to put all of his John Deere toys)! :rolleyes:

At this point, I'm just like, "whatever". I stand there with my cell phone to be able to call 911 if he drops a tree on his head!


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I’m a Trip Report Lurker, so most of you don’t “know” me, except as a Like on your posts. @Tuvalu and @JenniferS will vouch for me (I hope!) But I’m gonna tag @93boomer and @cgersic

However, if you like cocktail recipes, having attended many DCL mixology seminars, I’m your girl. Not to steal @ajrwdwgirl ’s thunder, she will post some cocktails when she unpacks 😎but here’s a couple that I learned courtesy of Disney Cruise Line. Hope you enjoy.

Castaway Sunset
Pour over ice in a shaker:
1oz Malibu or Bacardi
1oz Midori (or other melon liqueur)
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps

Shake and pour into an 8oz glass, then top off with 2oz pineapple juice, then 2oz cranberry juice (more or less to your taste or tolerance, or the size of your glass)

Salted Caramel Martini
Puddle a bit of caramel sauce in your martini glass.

To a shaker of ice, add:
3oz Absolut Vanilia (or whatever vanilla vodka you prefer)
1-1/2oz Baileys Salted Caramel (this can be difficult to source in the US)
1/2 oz Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur
1/2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

Shake, then strain into prepared glass and enjoy!

If anyone desperately wants to try a Salted caramel martini and can’t find Baileys Salted Caramel locally, I cross the Atlantic a few times a year and have been known to pick up “things” in duty free and ship them to friends. In more than one country. 🫣

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