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News Tomorrowland love

Zootopia Dude

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I think most would agree the IP fits the land. Not controversial at all. I personally wish they'd just rework the story. Closure only makes sense if they're removing the IP completely. And why do that? Stitch is one of the few IPs that actually "fit" Tomorrowland.
I remember someone posted an idea to rework the story to be around the plot of L&S 2, and it was actually a pretty cool idea.

Zootopia Dude

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Yeah, it'd make the most sense. Speedway won't be open tomorrow, we know Disney wanted to reopen Stitch when Speedway went down to suck in those crowds, and today Stitch was only meeting guests in the morning. Possibly so they could have the rest of today setting up a queue line in the two pre-show rooms, and making sure that everything in the theater is ready to go for tomorrow.


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I’ve got quite a bit of news that came from a CM that I’ve known for a while.

So SGE is half-abandoned, half-intact. He told me that the only true abandoned part is one of the theaters (the one we saw in the BDS photo), which still has that terrifying broken Stitch animatronic sitting there on the stage in the exact same position as seen in the photo. He told me he’s been back there, and that it reminded him of CC: Mold, wood lying around, broken walls, broken ceiling.

The other theater he told me was still 100% intact and kept maintained, with that Stitch animatronic still having his skin and everything. He also told me that they actually tested that theater, and that while Stitch still worked perfectly, the cannons weren’t coming down at all, and that they were still broken (as they were almost never working in the last months of SGE).

The 2nd preshow room is now used as a break-room, and changing room for M&G Stitch. And that while the animatronics were gone, the room is mostly intact.

And finally, he said that from what he’s been hearing, Disney may not have been lying when they said they’d reopen SGE. As they could easily turn the two pre-show rooms into a large queue line, and only operate with that one theater.

And that’s all.
Exactly what I've been thinking. And somewhat like I've been saying. In a park like MK, they need capacity wherever they can ek it from.

Shutting down the train and the speedway takes a decent amount of capacity.

And we did only see one stitch animatronic skeleton 😛
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