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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Well it was an interesting morning today at school. At the end of our third hour class there was an announcement that all students and staff had to report to the gymnasium with our coats. What?!? That has never happened in my 18 years of teaching. So I check my email quick and nothing. By the time we all go to the gym the news was that there was a gas leak somewhere in our neighborhood and we were set to evacuate the building and head to our elementary school and possibly my husband's church (it is a school & town emergency shelter). Fortunately as we were about to evacuate the gas company had found the leak and we were able to stay at school It was a little scary though. Although my first thought when I heard about the gas leak was "I hope Kapono (my dog) is okay!" since we live near the school she could have been in danger too!

They did that when I was in elementary school but instead of a gas leak it was a chemical plant. We all went to the high school a few miles away.


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I had a Gino's East frozen pizza pie in the freezer... so that's what we ate! Not as good as the real Gino's East in Chicago, but it'll do!
I find Gino Easts frozen pizzas one of the very best frozen pies. I do doctor it before I put in oven. I posted this a few weeks ago.

I put a thin layer of mozzarella on top of their frozen sauce Mix together a Can of diced tomatoes, a little chopped garlic, and olive oil and dump on top of mozzarella. Sprinkle a little Italian seasoning on top of tomato mixture. Takes about 2 minutes

It turns out so yummy



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We aleways giggle a little when we see people in California or Florida all bundled up in parkas when it is in the 50’s and 60’s. I guess it is all in what you are used to. We live in Wisconsin so we are used to cold, although our summers can get hot.

For our trip we will just be enjoying Disneyland and DCA. We though about going to a beach one day but I don’t know if we will have time and I can’t find a rate I like on a rental car. We have plans for a Trader Sams cocktail class at DCA, and dessert party for World of Color. I also want to try some brews at Ballast Point. But in general it will just be go with the flow.
Beer lovers coincidence...?
I think not...!!!!! :hilarious: 🍻 :D;):)


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I love daylight savings because the family can take a walk when dh gets home at 6. He can also enjoy outdoor time more after work, so he is less grumpy. When we go to Disney we can enjoy more of it longer because it isn't dark at like 5. When it gets dark, I want to go to sleep. That's just me though. Whatever floats your boat.;)
Yep, same here...!!! :)
Drivin’ to work in the dark is better than drivin’ home in it...!!!
We love more daylight in the evenin’...the more light in the evenin’, the better...!!!!! :happy:
Mostly, we just love sunshine ☀...!!!!!!! :joyfull:;):)


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So many of our days last summer were in the 70's. I prefer mid to upper 80's and am very tolerant of 90. If it is summer I want to be hot.
I had no problem last summer mowing our yards in 100+ degree temps (IIRC, 105 at the highest).
And yet, I can still do TSSFFBRs in 20 degree temps with no problem...go figure...!!!!!!! :hilarious::happy::D;):)

Tony the Tigger

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Sad. May he RIP.
I didn’t watch Airwolf either. The first thing I ever remember seeing him in was...

View attachment 356793
That was on TCM a few months ago.

So, anyone see A Star is Born? Watched it last weekend on DVD. Can't say it was all that great. The singing parts with Lady Gaga were good, but I didn't find the story all that intriguing. (By the way, I never saw any of the older versions of this movie; I think the original dated back to around 1937.)
Reported. 😉

The Streisand version is awful. The original is a little boring. The Judy Garland version is fabulous.

Not yet, I'm going to wait for a copy to be in in my library. I have 5 movies her we own I haven't seen yet. Would it be wrong of me to "watch" Crimes of Grindelwald before the boys get a chance?:angelic:
Loved Grindelwald.

My neighbor texted me this. He knows me all to well.

Reminds me of the beginning of Emmett Otter.
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