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Scariest Attraction

What is the scariest attraction in WDW?

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Matt and Kelly

Well-Known Member
I would have to say Tower of Terror is probably the scariest. I don't know what it is, but I always get that unsettled feeling in my stomach just as we load into the elevator.

I've been on the ride numerous times and know what to expect but I always get that feeling.


Well-Known Member
I honestly have to say that there is no ride in DW that actually is scary to me. But as far as giving me a huge rush that gets my blood pumping, I gott asay ToT.


Well-Known Member
of the choices listed I would go with ToT.
althoughI think RnRC should be number 1.

my fear of M:S revolves around my fear of :hurl: on my co-pilot.

EE is scary but soooooo fun
I never knew about the Dino ride untill my third visit(how did I miss it). I went in not knowing a SINGLE thing about it. The ending scared me so bad. You should see the pic I ended up buying! lol.

BTW, I think I missed so many things as a kid because the adults always chose what I rode. I think it is easy to hide a ride like Dino from kids. Just never walk into the area...and klds can't read maps. lol
Dinosaur for me, for sure! I live near enough to Cedar Point that motion rides/roller coasters do not scare me. Dinosaur gets me every time and I always end up cringing away at the ending with my eyes closed in terror. The people I ride with are usually amused by this. :p


New Member
not really scared of any of the rides at WDW. that being said i guess i would have to go with MS Orange. Scared of one of the other team members :hurl: on me!

Sam Eagle 1776

Original Poster
I've heard of 2 cases.
I don't think it has been 'many people' either.

Ya know, that's right. It appears that only 2 or 3 have actually died on it but those were both within a year and close to when it opened, so I figured a couple more may have gone too because it is pretty intense if a bit overhyped. kinda a morbid topic though.


Well-Known Member
I've heard of 2 cases.
I don't think it has been 'many people' either.

Yup, only two from pre-exisiting conditions.

Several people have been taken to local hospitals for chest pain and nausea after riding. Most who complained of these symptoms were over 55 years old. Two people have died after completing the ride, although due to pre-existing conditions - one, a 4-year-old boy, with an undiagnosed heart condition, and the other, a 49-year-old woman, from a stroke due to high blood pressure.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_Space#Attraction_facts

I've been on M:S once, during it's Soft Opening. I was feeling pretty nauseated afterwards and have never been on it since. It's an intense ride, but a little much for me. I wouldn't call it scary though.

The ToT though... I haven't been on it in years (Wife is scared to death of it), but I'd probably say it's the scariest ride for me as well because you have this build up of anticipation throughout the whole creepy queue and the first elevator rooms. Then when you see that brick shaft wall... it's all over.


Active Member
I don't get scared on rides anymore, but I opted for other because the first time I went on AE I was petrified...

...but in a good way! :)

Thrill Seeker

Well-Known Member
Tower of Terror takes my vote. Nothing like having your vehicle enter a dark, hot chamber and not knowing which way you will be going...up or down...

Stitch is scary for other reasons... :hurl:

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