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Scariest Attraction

What is the scariest attraction in WDW?

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Personally, I'm not a fan of Dinosaur. Too bumpy. My friend who works in Dinoland told me about one time when a woman and her family came off of Dinosaur looking pretty shaken up. He asked them if everything was all right and she said... "ALL RIGHT?? NO EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL RIGHT!!! Why didn't someone tell us we were going through the PITS OF HELLL!!!!! THE PITS OF HELLLLLLLL!!!!" Guess they weren't impressed with the ride.


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From a psychology point of view, I think ToT really does set one up to be scared better than any of the other rides. The whole dark boiler room, the dimming lights, the thunder, the sparking elevator motors. I went with some friends who I walked through the queue with (since I don't do thrill rides with heart warnings) and I have to say, they really rev up the emotions before you reach the elevator. Yes, I rode the coward elevator back to the exit, but I wasn't ashamed. Better to live another day. :)

A big guy who was in the queue with us, also looked particularly nervous and when he saw the car load up, and then the doors open and the people were gone, his mind I guess made a connection and he refused to go on. So the mindplay they do is pretty intense for some.

I totally agree. While Dino is jolting and the roller coasters and M:S create visceral sensations. TOT really puts you in a terrifying place and then adds the drop.

The first time I rode I was literally freaked out. The anticipation of the drop was way worse than the drop itself. I new absolutely nothing going in, the ride was still pretty new, and I really thought it was just going to be an up and drop thing like at Six Flags, by the time we got to the drop section it was more a relief than anything else.

Back then they were still showing commercials for the ride on TV and had people standing in a dropping elevator, when that was combined with the pre-show video, I was standing in the pre-show library convinced the thing was about to start moving, even though I knew intellectually it couldn't be true. Eventually, when the actual ride vehicle started moving around the building I was just begging for the thing to fall to end the suspense.

I still get freaked out by the whole thing and I've ridden it dozens of times now. I can honestly say I get more scared anticipating the TOT than I did going on combat patrols in Baghdad, and the ride actually gets my pulse rate pumping more than getting shot at by an RPG's did.


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Expedition Everest is a little scarey to me.

While simliar rollercoasters like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad don't bother me, the going BACKWARDS part of EE does. My guess is it's just the uncertainty of not knowing where you are headed when you are going backwards that scares me. It just feels more out of control and I don't like that feeling.:eek:


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when I was a kid... probably everything, but as an adult I dont think there are many rides I would consider scary, especially at WDW. The only ride where I was like "get me off this thing" was Mission Space Orange, I felt like I was going to throw up during the take off portion of the ride. When I got off the ride my eyes where moving side to side... ie vertigo. So, yes... Mission Space Orange is a ride I will NEVER ride again. This is because one, I didn't really think it was an interesting concept to begin with and secondly, its the only ride at disney where I was on the verge of becoming sick.


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I'm scared to ride mission space for :hurl: reasons. I rode it a while ago and I was fine, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also personally, I believe snow white is quite frightening :zipit::lookaroun.


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I voted for Expedition Everest. That thing left my brain feeling rattled and scrambled. Although, I have to admit I have been on every ride listed EXCEPT Mission:Space. My predisposition to motion sickness just makes me want to avoid that one at all costs.


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Okay- so I know it no longer exists but Aliens scared the jeebees off me:eek:...the ride was refurbed to be Stitch....

And Stitch is not scary to me....so I voted for other.


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My "other" vote in my opinion is TWO attractions.

The first one is extinct but it should have been mentioned. The Making of Me from the WOL pavilion at epcot...talking about ______ in WDW :p

The second is Journey into imagination with figment. That feeling that you know which one used to be one of the most awesome ride at Epcot is now half abandoned. You just know that there is a WHOLE ENTIRE OTHER FREAKIN RIDE in there with animatronics, scenery, ect., just wrotting away. Also Dr. Nigel Channing scares me :lookaroun


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Space Mountain by far! I'm 50/50 when I ride.

I'm either screaming like a girl because I'm having so much fun or fearing for my life in silence as I catch glimpses of the track around me.

Scariest experience of a ride for me anyway.


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i will say that TOT always gets Me suuper Hyped Up i Start to feel that scary feel in The Room With the Movie in it then when the Elevator is moving forward something about it just makes me That much closer to Peeing my Pants


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of the choices listed I would go with ToT.
althoughI think RnRC should be number 1.

my fear of M:S revolves around my fear of :hurl: on my co-pilot.

EE is scary but soooooo fun
I never knew about the Dino ride untill my third visit(how did I miss it). I went in not knowing a SINGLE thing about it. The ending scared me so bad. You should see the pic I ended up buying! lol.

BTW, I think I missed so many things as a kid because the adults always chose what I rode. I think it is easy to hide a ride like Dino from kids. Just never walk into the area...and klds can't read maps. lol

Bravo 229

Other: Countdown to Extinction was the scariest ride at WDW. "Dinosaur" is about as scary as the Jungle Cruise now and the only other one I would consider scary is Tower of Terror, but to me its more mysterious than scary.

Grizzly Hall 71

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No doubt Countdown Extinction was the scariest but Dinosaur is also scary.

I can't tell you how many times I've ducked at the end with the charging carno til i realized it wasn't near me.

I see more kids and young adults coming off of Dino crying than any other.

Sam Eagle 1776

Original Poster
No doubt Countdown Extinction was the scariest but Dinosaur is also scary.

I can't tell you how many times I've ducked at the end with the charging carno til i realized it wasn't near me.

I see more kids and young adults coming off of Dino crying than any other.

Yes it's so huge that it traumatizes pretty easily, i never had a chance to ride dinosaur when i was little but i remember being scared to death of the alien on the great movie ride


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Def iasw. Mostly I'm afraid of getting stuck in the middle and having to listen to that music over, and over, and over again.:lol:

That happened to me. It was so backed up, our boat started going in reverse. It's the stuff of nightmares, to be sure.

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