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  • If you sign up for free with Vimeo it should be downloadable from my site or by watching it directly on Vimeo. And of course it's a free torrent at too :wave:
    Really? I'd be honoured! Thanks for asking and let me know what people think of it!

    Big grins :)
    From what I was told it's a little different than the usual one. It's exclusive to Star Tours. Yes, I am going.
    I haven't posted one yet. I'm going to work up my own version of the ride and post it along with that.
    Thrill Seeker! Where is your idea for the 3D movie in the Imagination and What is the name too! I can't find it can you help me Please!
    Hey Thrillseeker!

    Do you mind if I use your Imagination film idea in my Imagintaion pavilion overhaul idea?
    Thanks for the friends add. :) I looked at your Youtube videos and I got to say they were pretty cool.
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