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  • Hi there! *wave* Reading through posts, and I see your an independent Disney Planning agent. I was hoping you could share some knowledge on becoming one! PM me if you have a few moments :) Thank you!!
    Good Morning!! Are you listening to DTunes?? I am having trouble...was not sure if its me or the site???
    Yeah, I saw they were moved again. I posted it a third time in General Discussion and left a message for the Administrator. If he moves it again I am changing the format of our tournament to a poll because apparently polls are allowed in General Discussion.

    I am enjoying your tournament so far. It seems quite popular!
    Hey there - love your avatar of the Mad Hatter! Alice in Wonderland looks amazing - dark & creepy. I can't wait to see what Tim Burton does with it. Just wanted to say cool avatar. =-)
    I don't know actually, my wife told me about it being down and then I checked out the site. For now I'm at Laughing Place.com listening to ther tunes. =)
    Hey WDWmazprty,

    Were there any posts on dtuneslive.com before the site went down? It's been almost 4 days...Android did this once before to us when he was changing over to a larger server. But with his absense over the last 2 months, I'm almost worried that the site went down due to negligance.

    Let me know if you know anything. I'm feeling some major withdraws!
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