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  • Was reading one of your entries and noticed you will be at Disney the same time as my family We are staying at POP and will be there from oct 2-oct 9
    Ooh that's great! I also enjoyed the personal accounts.

    I love Hidden Mickeys but I'm more into stumbling upon them than searching for them, but if you enjoy the book, I will consider reading it! Let me know how you like it.
    Hey Katie!
    I was thinking about you today. So I checked your profile and found out you got married!!!
    You should definitely stop by the thread...I'm not there much these days, but no doubt everyone will be glad to see you!
    Take care!
    hmmm... I dont know... Can you post them in your WDWMagic album? I might be able to see them there from your profile. Or, are you on facebook?
    Of course! You should stop by!
    So, did you already get married?! If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Do you have photos?
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