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Scariest Attraction

What is the scariest attraction in WDW?

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of the choices listed I would go with ToT.
althoughI think RnRC should be number 1.

my fear of M:S revolves around my fear of :hurl: on my co-pilot.

EE is scary but soooooo fun

Don't worry about it. I rode it and they have barfbags! :ROFLOL:

I vote for M:S because it gave me a thrill like no other ride at Disney ever has!


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I say Dinosaur!! The first times I went on it, the big dino near the end totally made me jump. I just didn't expect it!! So, not much in the way of scary at WDW but I was definitely shocked a couple times on Dinosaur!


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I actually think that Dinosaur is scarier than the Tower of Terror. I have to close my eyes sometimes. Disney makes things look so real! Haha. The Tower of Terror is just downright fun!


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From a psychology point of view, I think ToT really does set one up to be scared better than any of the other rides. The whole dark boiler room, the dimming lights, the thunder, the sparking elevator motors. I went with some friends who I walked through the queue with (since I don't do thrill rides with heart warnings) and I have to say, they really rev up the emotions before you reach the elevator. Yes, I rode the coward elevator back to the exit, but I wasn't ashamed. Better to live another day. :)

A big guy who was in the queue with us, also looked particularly nervous and when he saw the car load up, and then the doors open and the people were gone, his mind I guess made a connection and he refused to go on. So the mindplay they do is pretty intense for some.


TOT and Dinosaur are both really scary, but I have to admit... I got more freaked out the first time I rode HM than when I first rode either of those two. And I didn't get the courage to ride HM until two years ago (I was 19 at the time) :eek: :lookaroun

I'm not even gonna attempt to ride M:S orange though. Maybe green, but not orange. Just thinking about it freaks me out :lol:


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I am not surprised that Lance has most of the votes, its obvious he would so thats why I voted for Father Chris, hes the next best and deserves a chance, his personality was also attractive.


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Countdown to Extinction gets my vote, particularly because of Carnotaurus events #2 and #3.
The speed and proximity of those animatronics is a lot more intense than anything else at WDW Florida, even Alien Encounter.

I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned the Great Movie ride. As a kid I was always terrified of various sections of that attraction. The Nostromo section was scary, but I was more unnerved by the '40's gangster section. Shows you how much of a suburban wimp I was!




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TOT was scary to me the first time I rode it. Not knowing how many times I was going to drop had me really nervous plus I'm scared of elevators. I'm fine going on it now but I almost chickened out the first time and I love scary rides!!


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8 month thread bump! M:S has had 2 people die. That is far from a lot. I was at shades of green the day the 4 year old boy died and rode it the following day. Both the people who have died had preexisting health issues as well.

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