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Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

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Key word is attempt here, Don't forget the CamelBak and a 'Policemans Friend' for your 4-6 hour wait in line :jawdrop:
We will definitely morning EMH rope drop it. We are old school! I know some people treat morning rope drop like its the plague and hail FP+ as some kind of savior. This ride will probly change a few opinions.


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Merlin Entertainments have a good relationship with Dreamworks now, in the UK we have Shrek's Adventure attraction and I think this will come to the US. In the Merlin UK theme parks we also have an Ice Age 4D show (Alton Towers) and a Madagascar stage show (Chessington World of Adventures).
I think Universal are concentrating on Illumination animation now, there is rumours of a Secret Life of Pets ride coming soon.
Early problems with The Secret Lives of Pets Ride......you have to be very careful where you step when exiting the ride! :)

Kate F

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Made a few edits to my story:

"I can picture it now...You enter Epcot and grab a few park maps with Elsa on the front cover and begin to make your way over to World Showcase. Future World is for the most part deserted, minus the crowds of people flocking to Test Track and Soarin'. You start to make your way over to the Norway pavilion when all of a sudden you come across the end of a huge line that has extended all the way into Mexico. You grieve over the fact that you were unable to get a Fastpass for the ride and now you must wait in this 4+ hour line if you wish to have any chance of experiencing the new attraction. You are not looking forward to standing in a huge line in the Florida heat surrounded by a bunch of loud children wearing Anna and Elsa dresses, but you decide to put yourself through the torture anyway, as it is the newest ride on property and has been much anticipated. On the bright side though, you are very impressed by all of the new architecture and rock work, something you weren't really expecting when you first heard about this project. When the project was first announced, you thought it would just be nothing more than a cheap Maelstrom overlay, and you are glad to see that Disney really did care about providing a high-quality experience with this one. After a few hours of sweating and staring at your phone, you finally make it to the actual queue. The queue contains instrumental tracks from Frozen as well as some visual references to the film, and it all looks very nice. You start to think that maybe this really could be worth waiting that long for after all. You are almost to the front of the line, and can see the boats being loaded and unloaded. The people being unloaded have looks on their faces telling you that you have indeed wasted your time. You hop into the boat, and soon you're off. This is the big moment, the hottest (or...coolest) attraction in Florida, the thing you just waited hours in line for. The little girls in your boat are super excited and you can't help but smile at their enjoyment. You come across animatronics of Sven, Olaf, Anna and Kristoff, and are very impressed by the technology. It becomes chillier and you know what is about to come. The star of the ride appears singing the famous song, and before you know it, you come towards the end of the ride where all the characters are smiling and waving at the boat. You just exit the boat with a blank expression on your face, though the little girls in your boat seemed to love it. You can't be angry, you can't be upset, you should have known what you were in for. You don't want to even think about the time you just wasted in that line, concluding your thoughts of the ride with "I guess it was cute, I probably would have enjoyed it more had I only had to wait 20 minutes." You then decide to eat lunch in World Showcase and soon after that you decide to use your Fastpass for Test Track, which currently has an 80 minute standby wait time. You just move on with your day at Epcot and choose to forget about the frustrating experience you had earlier that day, otherwise you'd just be filled with grief. The good news is that you were able to find the perfect viewing spot for Illuminations and you took lots of pictures. The day ended up not being a total bummer after all, perhaps even the highlight of your trip. The End."


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k but how about an 89 percent certified fresh on rotten tomatoes? Or maybe 2 oscars? Or a 7.6 on imbd? At what point is someone reaching when they call this film "bad" when there is a lot of evidence towards the latter.
The hatred of this idea is placement, not the IP being used. It's a poor thematic fit and the capacity will be insufficient for what will be a very popular attraction.


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I'm probably the only one here, but I would love it if Disney would fill the world showcase with new rides based on their movies. A Ratatouille ride in France, a Mary Poppins ride in England, now Frozen in Norway (although I do hate the hype it's gotten) and so on. The exteriors of the rides should have to be in authentic architecture of the countries and blend perfectly with how the countries are looking now and you musn't notice the "fantasy" aspects of the films until on the ride, but I would like it. Certainly not replacing what's already there, but it think it would bring some Disney magic to a park that reall needs it in my opinion. Epcot is really starting to look outdated. Please don't hate, just wanted to share my thoughts..
I expect them to add more IP based rides to World Showcase in the future. They've set the precedence.


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The hatred of this idea is placement, not the IP being used. It's a poor thematic fit and the capacity will be insufficient for what will be a very popular attraction.
I don't think you read what I posted. I was talking to someone about the IP's merit's and it's status as a classic film. Not the poor thematic fit and awful placement for the movie that is happening in norway.


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It kind of makes sense though. Don't want to blow your load too early.
I am 13 years old, and I will now proceed to laugh immaturely and inappropriately.
Future World is for the most part deserted, minus the crowds of people flocking to Test Track and Soarin'.
Someone forgot the Park Hopper crowds.
You then decide to eat lunch in World Showcase and soon after that you decide to use your Fastpass for Test Track, which currently has an 80 minute standby wait time.
It won't be that high. The people who will be riding Frozen and the people who will be riding Test Track are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. No, the 80 minutes will be for Nemo.
I am not supporting the idea of adding IP's to World Showcase attractions but there can be some benefit to these additions. EPCOT's original intention as a park was edu-tainement, and World Showcase offered many people the chance to experience cultures that they may not otherwise travel the world to see. Many people complain that the pavilions have become simply glorified shopping and dinning locations, and at worst an opportunity to get drunk around the world.

Although Frozen may not be specifically based in Norway it does draw heavily from its geography, culture and mythos. I have a six year old girl that loves Frozen and we will be visiting Epcot in August. While we wait like many others to experience this ride it will give us an opportunity to talk about the pavilion, its Norwegian features and maybe even eat at Kringla Bakery. To be honest I am not sure if we would visit Epcot otherwise, but I see it as an opportunity to learn and talk about Norway while we are there. Just my perspective.
So do we have any confirmation that this attraction will open with the park at 9 am? We are going in June, and even though we are staying on-site, I don't think I'll have a prayer of getting a FP+ because I won't be able to book it on the day my FP+ window opens, and I am not going to spend all my spare time stalking the Disney website. I was thinking that maybe rope drop would be my only prayer for getting on the ride. I'm a pretty speedy walker, and its some distance from the gates to Norway, so I'm thinking that I could easily position myself towards the head of the pack. Ooooh, but maybe I should head to the international gateway, that's closer and would probably be my best bet for beating the crowds.

Cesar R M

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Awards like that mean nothing today because they'll give them out to absolute crap creations. The Grammys are the biggest offender. Taylor Swift winning over Florence and The Machine this year? Give me a freaking break :facepalm:

(back to your regularly scheduled Frozen thread :geek:)
could be worse.. they could have given the award to Iggy Azzalea.
Who cant even spell and steals songs left and right.

Now.. for Frozen stuff..
will the "top of the tower" buildings be done in forced perspective?
or just full size?

Andrew C

You know what's funny?
And no matter how much you try to tirelessly to prove otherwise, you're not going to sway our opinions

Does he really need to sway your opinion? Frozen was a huge success. It made money. Critics liked it. Movie goers liked it.

It not belonging in WS doesn't change these facts.
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