New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom


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Princess Leia

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2 Technical questions- does the entire show stop if an element ceases to work? And does the show have to be reset to the beginning to fix this problem?


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I apologize, I just find this obsession with fire/fireworks to be mind boggling.
Fireworks (and fire, I suppose) are primal. They'll always be attention-getting on a basic human level. There are some simple things that theme parks, no matter how technologically advanced, should still never get rid of. I don't care how many audio-animatronics and screenz you have, crowds are always going to line up for a good, old-fashioned roller coaster. Sometimes you have to give the people a little of what they expect.

That said, while I think fireworks would improve the show incrementally, the lack thereof is hardly its biggest flaw (that's a horse race between crowd control, under-use of the animal floats and hazy, indistinct projections).


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Oh yeah, a Disney movie clipshow that threw out a bunch of new recordings in favor of direct movie rips and muddled its structure for extended commercials is much better then a show with an original concept and music.
I agree. The tech can produce gorgeous imagery in WoC when they let it. But usually you're just watching a clip show. RoL is more visually appealing, it just needs a more impressive finale. Disney is aware that many guests feel this way, but we shall see if and how they respond.
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