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  1. Festival of the Lion King

    Festival of the Lion King

    Known by the time, I went, as A Celebration of Festival of The Lion King, sure I didn't see the jumping monkeys or the flying birds, but what they did in this abridged version was still impressive
  2. ExplorenitDave

    Hi everybody! I'm Dave.

    Hello everyone. My name is Dave and I usually spend my time running around recording stuff inside the Disney & SeaWorld bubbles. I grew up in Orlando and live 5 mins from Disney currently. I look forward to sharing info and taking part in this community! I hope I can provide some great news...
  3. ParksAndPixels

    3D prints & Models

    ::LONG SHOT:: So my family was recently given a 55 gallon aquarium. We’ve decided on an “Animal Kingdom” tank. We’re looking for items to represent the different lands. I actually have Pandora covered, but I’m looking for items for Africa. It’s a long shot but does anyone know someone who does...
  4. Me and my Sisters pointing at Stitch

    Me and my Sisters pointing at Stitch

    He wasn't pictured, but we were all pointing as we're pretending that Stitch actually came out of the ground.
  5. Me and my Sisters with the Tree of Life

    Me and my Sisters with the Tree of Life

    That was before we left the Animal Kingdom for this trip, we took some silly photos near the Tree of Life area.
  6. My Little Sis with Donald Duck

    My Little Sis with Donald Duck

    She missed her picture with me and my big sis, she met Donald Duck by herself.
  7. Meeting Donald Duck

    Meeting Donald Duck

    He was over at the former Camp Minnie-Mickey area in his dark green park ranger suit.
  8. Dance Party with Rafiki

    Dance Party with Rafiki

    When he saw my Sofia pin, he danced with me right away.(because of DJR's Lion Guard, airing on the same channel as Sofia)
  9. Getting Ready to See Baloo and Louie

    Getting Ready to See Baloo and Louie

    I have my page ready for Baloo, Louie doesn't sign(because of his unmovable fingers on his hands), it wasn't my first time with Baloo, but it was my first time meeting Louie.
  10. Talking to Russell

    Talking to Russell

    I was talking to Russell from the Disney/Pixar film, Up about some random stuff involving the movie and about my first time seeing him(when the movie was new)at Hollywood Studios.
  11. Meeting Baloo and Louie

    Meeting Baloo and Louie

    I met up with the stars of Jungle Book(1967, not the 2016 film where they're CGI'd), fan favorite TaleSpin, and Jungle Cubs(which I won't talk about)
  12. Interacting with Louie

    Interacting with Louie

    He was a newbie for me, prior to that I only saw him in parades and street parties at the Magic Kingdom.
  13. Baloo Bear Hugs

    Baloo Bear Hugs

    I gave ol' papa bear Baloo one of these hugs that almost everybody talks about.
  14. Hugging Rafiki

    Hugging Rafiki

    I gave him another hug, the first hug isn't pictured. He is such a great character to see, especially from a film that was wildly popular when it came out.
  15. Meeting Rafiki

    Meeting Rafiki

    He is always at his Planet Watch, where he greets his fans by a tree.
  16. One More Hug for Pocahontas

    One More Hug for Pocahontas

    I feel that she needed another hug, because she doesn't get enough attention. After that I kissed her hand, and the people waiting in line were saying Awwww!!! to me, because of the kiss.
  17. Meeting Pocahontas

    Meeting Pocahontas

    I'm letting her hold my arm for me, and sorry for my weird face again.
  18. Talking with Pocahontas

    Talking with Pocahontas

    I talked to her about some of my pins, including one that she's never seen before, Sofia(she Poca's a Disney princess), she agrees that would like to see Sofia someday.
  19. Getting Pocahontas' signature

    Getting Pocahontas' signature

    Yet another signature, to break even doing another meet and greet that caused to be a 20-25 minute wait.
  20. Hugging Pocahontas

    Hugging Pocahontas

    Prior to this day, I've never seen a line this long to meet Pocahontas. She was at the former Boat Landing Dropoffs.
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