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How far is the airport you usually fly out of from your home?

How far is the airport you usually fly out of?

  • Less than 30 mins (Lucky you!)

    Votes: 106 53.5%
  • 30-60 mins

    Votes: 53 26.8%
  • 60-90 mins

    Votes: 22 11.1%
  • 2-3 hrs

    Votes: 13 6.6%
  • 4 or more hrs away

    Votes: 4 2.0%

  • Total voters
I fly out of Manchester Airport in the UK and live (according to Google Maps) 1.6 miles from Terminal 2 (the terminal Virgin Atlantic fly from).

So, quite close. We could actually walk but due to the sheer number of pairs of shoes my wife takes with us, we have to drive!


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A 20 min drive from Glasgow Airport, but have to fly to Heathrow & then on to Washington or Chicago before arriving in Orlando.:p

Strange, I assume you book up with Virgin then? Why Virgin don't fly direct from either Glasgow or Edinburgh like the other carriers is a mystery to me.

I live 25 miles from Glasgow Airport and it takes about 35 minutes to get there. It's a further 9 hours to get to Sanford and then an hour to get to WDW.


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We live 30 minutes from PTI airport in Greensboro, but we've never flown out of there when going to Florida. This year, we saved roughly $500 by flying out of Charlotte, which is about 80 minutes away. There is one super discount airline that flies out of Greensboro to Sanford on certain days, but they didn't fly on our travel days.


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We could drive for a little bit to Newark Liberty, but usually opt for the longer drive to Atlantic City due to cheaper fares (Spirit Airlines) and family in the area to leave our dogs (over expensive pet boarding.)


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We are exactly between Knoxville, TN and Lexington, KY and can choose either city to fly out of. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to each. In fact, there is less than a mile difference between the distance we'd have to travel to either one. It's an either/or for us. So, we choose based on cost and departure times. If cost is significantly high for either one, we can choose to fly out of Cincinnati (a 2 hour drive) or Louisville, KY (a 2 hr. 15 min. drive). We've got options! :sohappy:

Matt and Kelly

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The Airport in Edmonton is about 40 minutes from my house. We are on the direct opposite side of the city so it can make for an even longer drive, depending on what time the flight is at.

A recent ring road has been created that circles the outskirts of the city, which makes it a lot easier to get there now. Before the ring road, it usually was a good hour to get out there.


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I used to be obsessed with finding the lowest fare, so we'd make the 2 hour drive to LAX.
Now, no way, I'll pay the extra $100 or so per ticket to fly out of the Palm Springs Airport (2 miles away).
When you consider the price of gas, parking, and sometimes lodging the night before, I really wasn't saving money at all.:brick:

Can't believe it took me so long to figure this out.
Sometimes getting older and wiser has it's benefits.


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We fly out of our local airport, about 15 minutes away, when possible.

But we'll go to Allentown, Philly, or Newark when we have to... so up to 2 1/2 drive if the savings are worth it.


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I have to chime in and mention how much I like this Thread! I find it interesting to read where everyone is from. Its shocking when you think about how there are something around 60,000 members here with one major thing in common that brings us together, and we live anywhere from hrs to days away from each other! Anyway sorry for being sappy, I just thought about this and it put a smile on my face! :)


We live in the Southwest UK Between Exeter and Bristol, so we fly out of Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic Airways. We usually always go up the day before and stay at the Hilton which is attached to the airport itself and get up the next morning and walk straight into the airport :) very handy and hugely recommended!


Permanent Resident of EPCOT
We fly out of Birmingham, about 50 minutes away.
Not too bad... I guess it could be worse.

We live 3.41 miles from Birmingham International (bwahahaha see my signature) Airport. Luckily, we are perpendicular to the major East/West runway so we dont get any traffic over our house. There is a North/South runway that small planes use and it is actually fun to watch them. The BIA is extremely close to downtown.

Ill speak for Harry and Vernon when they lived in my neighborhood too, they would have been 3.21 miles from the airport. :D

It surely makes us the "go-to-family" for Bham pickups and family not wanting to pay $10 a day to leave their car in the deck... so they end up in our driveway

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