Even been on Horizons at Epcot?


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Horizons also has an interesting enough audio track to still make sense without watching the ride-through. I enjoy listening to it in the car.


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I remember Horizons. the last time I rode it was in 98 on a family trip. I always chose the space option every time I rode it. So every time I ride M:S I think about Horizons.
You know, I like TT and Mission Space. Well I dont think that highly of TT actually, but they are both ok. But if I had the option to level them and put Horizons and WOM back? Oh I wouldnt even have to think about it for a second.


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I believe so...Wow,I miss that ride.

At least we have Horizons 2.0 in SSE

(or 4.0 if you are WF39 nut :lookaroun:lol:)

Do not even suggest that the latest redesign of Spaceship Earth even approaches the artistry of Horizons.

Granted I spent much of the quality time at EPCOT trying to get different boy's attention over the years....

So I am fond of the dark rides the most. :D

That's awesome.

The best thing to come out of WED. Period.

Simple as that.

Listen to this man, he knows what he's talking about.

Horizons? Never heard of it. Was that in MK or something?:rolleyes:

*foaming at the mouth*


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Do not even suggest that the latest redesign of Spaceship Earth even approaches the artistry of Horizons.

That's awesome.

Listen to this man, he knows what he's talking about.

*foaming at the mouth*

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bite.:lol: This was probably my favorite attraction as well. I often watch Martin's great tribute video and reminisce.


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I remember the last time I rode it. I was in Disney for my high school's performance in the daytime parades for Disney Magic Music Days in 1998.

The night we were at EPCOT, Horizons had no line, and I mean no line. It was completely dead. We were able to get off and right back on so we could do all the different ending selections :)

WOW, that is scary, that was the last time I rode Horizons as well was when I was in Disney Magic Music days in april 1998, I loved the ride, my fav part was the orange farm in the desert and I loved the orange smell, when I ride Soarin to this day and I smell the oranges on the ride, I think back to the long lost Horizons.... :cry:


Oww, Horizons, a much missed ride! I rode that last in 98/99...I was only in 8th grade at the time, but I am lucky to have gotten to ride it so many times as a kid before it was...well, you know :cry:..... gone

Shout out to WoM too.. another good ride of the past. *sigh*


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Horizons was a beautiful ride, simply stunning, except the sweatshirt moms and walkman playing teenagers found the ride boring and GE pulled out in 1994 and then a sinkhole somehow opened up and the rest is history :drevil:

Ah yes. I love that urban legend. Also the one about the building not being able to support itself is a favorite. But that's what was released as the "official" reason on why it closed. Truth though is that it didn't have a sponsor and Eisner wanted to push ahead M:S.


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Was it ever released that that was the problem....I only remember Eisner or someone talking about the pavilion as an "old building" and then they pyroed it to death :cry:

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