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  • Heck yeah I eat table service! One of my favorite activities at WDW is getting fat! :D I normally hit Boma, Plaza and try something new. After my last visit, I am adding Kona to my must do list.
    I've stayed at all the values, PORS and WL when I was solo. I think I preferred PORS the most, but the values make the most sense.
    Thats a good idea too, maybe I'll see when a magic meet is too... What resort do you stay at when you are doing a solo trip? I've stayed at Pop and All-star Movies... I think I like Pop better... I will be asking you many questions, since you are a pro at it!! :)
    It is a lot of fun meeting up with people that share your passion. You can make some really good friendships FAST! All of the people I have met from here are AWESOME!!!!

    I've never done one of Lou's meets, just Magic meets. Lou's meets sound interesting.
    I actually just had a lunch hour meeting with my principal to go over the staff handbook. When we got to the Dress Code, I casually asked about tattoos since it wasn't in there ... lol. He seemed okay with it since most of them are covered, except in summer :eek:)
    Keys to the Kingdom is the only tour I have done. It was pretty cool, but nothing Earth shattering. The best part was going backstage an into the tunnels. I wan to do the Segway one in WS soon.

    If AKL is too much, you might want to look at PORS or POFQ. They cost less and are simply stunning. They don't have the grandness of AKL, but are very relaxing and nicely done.
    Thanks. I have to get them in places I can hide or show since I teach. Some divisions are more lax, but the school I am in now is very conservative.
    Solo trip = AWESOME! I love those! :D

    I actually kept my last trip hush, hush because I now know some people that live in Orlando now. It sounds horrible, but I wanted some long time.

    I've got to decide if I'm going to try and fight the spring break crowds or not.
    So, I think it is my turn to respond :lol:

    I've been very busy...again. I swear, I feel like I am a week and a half behind right now :dazzle:

    How are you?
    Awesome! You are just moving right up that corporate ladder huh? That's great about Laila too. How big are her parents?

    I hope your back gets better!!!!
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