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  • Stlill at Finish Line just trying live.Nearly died in March so recovering from 2 surgeries and trying to get my strength back.Added you on fb.

    Talk soon!
    lol, yep the sharks! Problem with Collier County, they think kids are so stupid and influenceable. Put Coke ou for the students? We will all get obese. Let students leave to eat ouside school property for lunch? We will all leave and never come back. Even the stupid welcome back Obama video was fussed over. I really don't like my county :lol:
    Whats going on man? College still going good. Where in fla? Still at foot locker? We should hook up when you get back.
    How is the wonderful world of Meijer going? Or are you still there?? I am in Florida right now but no Disney this trip as I take care of my dad after his serious accident in May.When I get back tuesday I have to find PT work to help get back here soon to help him out more and maybe pay some of his and stepmoms bills. So how did your college classes go?
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