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Downtown Disney rumor


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This tells me the Disney suits see more quick $$$ return in a rebrand, rename, re-whatever (AKA MORE retail & restaurants) of DTD.


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Help me...what does World of Disney have that say Emporium or MouseGear does not?
Not sure... I think it's probably pretty much the same stuff, just maybe a few other selections. But I like World of Disney cause you don't have to hold your bag all through the park if you were to get something there. You just simply put the bag in your car and head back to the hotel!


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On that note, wasn't there word of some sort of entrance being added near the Africa section of Epcot to allow transportation from DTD? I recall that being mentioned a few months ago and it included a legit small monorail expansion rumor.
Not from DTD, no.


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The perfect layout to accidentally ditch your husband and kids, buy a truck-load of Christmas gifts, get them shipped back to the hotel; with no one being any the wiser.
Bravo! I love a mom who can be devious at Christmastime! :D


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I agree with you. Downtown Disney is a great name and to change it to something silly like Disney Springs is a step in the wrong direction. I don't get why these people are toying around with name changes that actually work when they have so much vacant space that isn't working. Adding to it by creating more space only seems worse.
Well, it's a working name only. It was chosen because it is envisioned that the center of the new DTD development would be the area labelled as Town Center (not its final name either), while the Springs would be repurposed as something of a marketplace/eatery attached to Saratoga Springs, much like the original Village was.

Also, the map that made it to this forum seems to be about half finished. Just saying ...


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Love the detailed diagram... however I had two questions...
1) How do the busses get out?
2) is the flyover bother directions? According to the diagram is looks that if you're heading east that if you stay to the right, you would be going to the garage. Or perhaps the bypass lanes aren't drawn?
1) busses have a dedicated roadway down the middle of BVD, and an dedicated one lane each way underpass beneath westbound BVD.
2) No. Westbound only. It's all that's needed.


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So to the TTC then? It made sense because that part id almost a straight shot to DTD. Is there a plan for an entrance back there still even without a monorail?
No. DTD will get enhanced bus only access is appears.

Any second Showcase gateway is a separate plan to this.

There was a proposed transit system separate to Monorail, and though it'd link certain parks and Westside it was more resort to park as opposed to direct mass transit. Plus that plan is over two decades old now.


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Also, the map that made it to this forum seems to be about half finished. Just saying ...
That is good to know. I think DTD needs an overhaul, but I also thing bigger isn't always better. Maybe it'll turn out better than I think though. Most of it sounds very generic, but I'll try to be positive until I hear something more solid. :)


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A confusing layout?

I hate that shop - I would rather have 9 individual shops than try to find something specific in World of Disney...
The closest I ever came to a panic attack was in that store at night - just such a huge mass of people it was something that was extremely uncomfortable, and to me, terrifying.


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This is about 90% accurate. The plans are now finalised so we should be getting an official announcements within the next month or so.

I understand that this time they have a full roster of vendors taking up all this dining and retail space. There were apparently not a shortage of applicants and DIsney were able to pick and choose the best.
Steve, any inside info on who some of the new vendors will be? Anything exciting or different to look forward to?


I will be glad to see something start happening here even if it isn't perfect. They can still change things as they go but they have got to do something. I didn't hate the Hyperion Wharf theme just because it was a theme and was an attempt to make a place not generic but I know it had faults. Count me among those that are not crazy about the name Disney Springs. I am hoping they do something unique but I want them to get started. I don't know why they wouldn't listen to the people here for ideas!


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It isn't. Expect some boating facility replacement and a small bridge from Rainforest area heading west.
The area definitely needs an upgrade if they are keeping the marina.

I am of the opinion Splitsville was key to any expansion. If it had done poorly other potential vendors would have fled. Seems their vision and willingness to build in DTD will benefit everyone now.

There really is no limit on how good DTD can be. Glad a lot of investors see that now. Exciting!


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That is exactly what I see them doing. That might have been fine if Disney were blazing the trail with these type of developments ... you know like 10-12 years ago or so. But now?

It's hard to have a nightlife when every place is locked tight by 11 p.m. ... you are right, though, there was a time when BW was supposed to be quite different. I actually recall sitting in the concierge lounge at the Dolphin in 1994 (on a B-Day trip by a Spirited sibling) looking at artwork from a then-Imagineering pal of original plans for BW -- think PP ... think a real rolley coaster ... think real entertainment ... think no timeshares. Looking across the lake at the empty plot of land, it seemed like a perfect complement to the EPCOT resorts and a great way to entertain parj guests and convention guests.

But we all know how differently things worked out.
If I remember correctly, maybe not, but I could have sworn I remember mumblings in the cubicles of Team Disney that Disney had actually bought a wooden coaster (used) and had it stored in DC-5 or something crazy like that? Did I dream that?
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