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Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]


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there is nothing wrong with not believing any and every rumor you hear. You just want to see more tangable work before you believe it happens, I get it. I think you take it a bit far....but we are all Disney fans and all take things too far...

I am excited that we look to get Brazil, I for one have no faith that it will come with an attraction, let alone an "E", but I can hope. I just hope the 2022 timeline is correct. As that is the soonest I will step foot in WDW since maybe by then the SW:GE lines will be survivable :D

This is the most reasonable thing I’ve ever seen you say. If more people took this tact, I wouldn’t have a role and I could concentrate on putting public heat on lucasfilm full time 😜

I’ve wanted new county pavilions for 35 years...that’s not a debate. I think Brazil is stupid...don’t want that One. BUT I WILL TAKE WHATEVER!!!

I want more Epcot...I want the embarrassment at imagination to end...I want some crowds to get the hell away from my tequila bar 😡

Mas, please!!


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No, didn't miss the joke, just don't think @marni1971 is Don Quixote by any means. If he puts a date out, I generally take real interest at that part, and this to my remembrance is the first time he locked on 2022 date.

The Joke was poking his ambiguity...which is 100% intentional.

But I get that...there are limits because only bob writes the check. That’s why I get on people for being so damn literal.


WDW History nut
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I almost completely agree with you (but I don’t drink)

You should hear the stuff I don’t talk about ;)

It’s all “understood”...the stuff you don’t talk about is what the mentally 12 year old spit at the Evian cooler inside WDI...I would assume...

...foolishly thinking their boss WANTS to give them money to build stuff. I blame OLC 🤓


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Ommmm. No news is good news. Ommmm​


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Pass. Like most other things in this park the tentative opening slipped from spring 2021 to 2022.

That’s why the scheduled site prep hasn’t happened yet.

Hi Martin, I wanted to ask this in the appropriate thread so that the other one would not get off topic, but is the brazil proposal that they are currently moving forward with the one with or without an attraction? Thanks

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