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Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]


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This thread was started by accident, but, it can serve as an update to the older 100-page thread as a summary. Here's the original...


As the title of the thread says, this is not about discussing:
  • Brazilian people or Brazilian guests and whatever stereotypes there may be about them
  • What ever countries one would like to see in Epcot... wants don't matter to WDW nor having a home for an IP, just having a nation or corporate interests paying to sponsor a pavilion.
But we do have the rumors:

There is a sponsor for the proposal [Brazil] I know of, but not the state. For that matter, I don't know of a single state sponsor for any proposed Pavillion.
Hopefully Brazil would offer another much needed quality Showcase attraction. There's already enough places to eat and drink.
Brazil was rather recent including Embraer as a sponsor, not exactly a company that would have been selling much from such a deal.
If they could afford a summer Olympic Games, there is a sponsor than can help out with a pavilion costing no more than $100,000,000. Unless they splurge for a boat ride.

By the way, as others have deduced but to put a fine point on it, Brazil is likely to be built. Let's hope it gets a ride.
It's been widely reported by insiders here that Brazil is the frontrunner for a new pavilion, if one gets built, but Spain is the next most likely country under consideration. FWIW.
Currently 2022.

Will it have a chance of a ride-attraction? Why hasn't it been announced yet?
Chance? Yes. Probable? No.

Legalities and paperwork.

So, maybe Spain after Brazil...
Last I saw, Spain is actually at 2. Maybe 3.

Indeed. IMO regarding likely hood rankings-
1. M:S
2. Rat
3. GotG
4. UK Add (the small one)
5. New WS Country #1
6. Land Reno
7. Spain

This alongside other near guaranteed projects.

How many new national pavilions?
I'd like 3 by 2025.

So, what could possibly be the third after Brazil and India?
Maybe one day we'll get India.
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This is worth repeating in this thread:

Brazil has a lot of iconic architecture, and most of the styles would do a great job complementing the existing World Showcase pavilions. The capital Brasilia is home to some of the most iconic modernist architecture in the world, and Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has lots of other similar-styled buildings throughout the country. Not-so-coincidentally, Brasilia was built right around the same time Walt was dreaming up EPCOT and the familiar Progress City images were created

Brazil's older cities have a mix of Portuguese colonial architecture and more contemporary buildings from the international style of design. This combination is pretty distinctive, and completely different from the other pavilions, which focus mainly on a single era of design

Additionally, the famous favelas are incredibly iconic, though I'm not sure if Disney really wants romanticized slums in the skyline of World Showcase

And of course, the famous mosaic sidewalks would be easily recreated in a theme park environment

Although most people struggle to come up with a notion of Brazilian architecture, there are plenty of iconic elements to choose from. Much of it is a lot more modern than the rest of World Showcase, but it would also do a lot to diversify the visual styles on the existing horizon. I would also expect that they would incorporate the natural landscape in some form, similar to the mountains in Canada or the beach in Mexico


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Will it still go between Germany and Italy? I thought I read that a while ago on these forums? The space between Germany and China looks like a better fit to me..


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Will it still go between Germany and Italy? I thought I read that a while ago on these forums? The space between Germany and China looks like a better fit to me..
No one's negated the talk of it going between Germany and Italy, AFAIK.


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And today...


A few things:
  • Orange areas are open areas.
  • Red areas are where there would need to be some deconstruction before reconstruction. In the end, these are expendable if you have the sponsors for a new pavilion:
    • World Showplace (Millennial Village)
    • Canada's Garden and nipping a bit from Imagination.
    • Sommerhus
  • The place where the African Outpost is designated for two pads, but, being up against the fireworks works, the eastern part on the canal would have to be covered and hardened against fireworks.
  • The IG is taking up part of one of the original pads. A half-pad is still open between it and the UK as well as backstage areas.
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