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  1. Wildflower

    Contemporary Resort: Tower versus Garden

    We generally drive around to the right, past the convention center (it will be on your left and world drive will now be on your right) and park in the spots between it and the back of conv center...an entrance to the wing is right there so way easier/shorter than dragging your stuff all the way...
  2. Wildflower

    WDW cutting down on AC?

    It was bad when we were there last week too, especially at most of HS. Worst though was the gift shop at American Adventure in Epcot - REALLY brutal. Asked a CM about it and was told there were guest complaints about being dripped on, so it was turned down to a level that didn't cause as much...
  3. Wildflower

    From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

    Not a gator expert by any stretch BUT there are baby gators in the lake behind our house currently (southern FL).
  4. Wildflower

    New Star Wars Fireworks Show - 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular'

    It's likely that they will....check closer to mid-month (seem to have been releasing the parties for the next month ~end of second week of current one lately)
  5. Wildflower

    Holiday Dining (Christmas in particular)

    Le Cellier has in the past as well as Biergarten ... seems like they have something "special" at a one or two places at each of the parks and then a few of the resort restaurants as well. Have seen prix fixe, buffet and special menus... I believe Le Celier falls under the latter category and...
  6. Wildflower

    Which dining experience/time at 10/31 MNSSHP?

    Neither, I'd try for an earlier reservation...otherwise you'll end up missing parts of what makes the party worth it. (BOG seems to run behind time on ADRs as well which doesn't help the situation). You can still get in with your party ticket at 4pm.
  7. Wildflower

    MNSSHP and MVMCP 2016 prices released

    Understand completely! We're debating waiting on purchasing tickets in hopes that they DO decide to extend AP discounts into our trip. Not holding my breath but we have a couple of nights to choose from AND if all else fails, watch for the first one to sell out and then jump in. (Our APs...
  8. Wildflower

    Help identifying characters in vintage photo ?

    Small world character? (I only say that as I think ride debuted May of that year and Bambi's Stromboli didn't wear a turban, seven dwarves never looked like that, etc)
  9. Wildflower

    Rude guests (rant sorry)

    :) makes sense, it just really seemed like you were trains, plains and automobiles which makes me nuts! As to FS, their service is incredible, but I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the room design and configuration as we have four people. And as you said, there's the issue regarding FP+....so...
  10. Wildflower

    Rude guests (rant sorry)

    While I agree with most of what you are saying, I'm curious about your staying at Four Seasons but speaking of *on your latest trip* mediocre resort CMs, taking the friendship boat, taking the monorail and even riding a resort bus, and finally resorting to black car service....since I know the...
  11. Wildflower

    Disney Springs Restaurants...

    No earthly idea, they seem to be really quiet about it...I mean based on how far along the building looked mid-March, wouldn't think it would be terribly far off but ?? They're pushing to get a lot of the shops open May 15th (and the "majority by July 1") so I'd think there would be every...
  12. Wildflower

    Disney Springs Restaurants...

    Marketplace area, close to Rainforest Cafe on the water side. :)
  13. Wildflower

    Recommendations for a Bag?

    Difficulty I've had is that more of the "camera bags" don't really accomodate other non-camera things particularly well...the sections are designed for camera accessorries so are velco compartments and smaller stuff moves around (providing a fabulous freak-out thinking I lost my wallet)...
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