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  • Were you in Epcot two days ago? Thought I saw you walking into Test Track at night; I was on my way to M:S.

    Hey, were you here in WDW yesterday or today, I swear to God I thought I saw you walking thru the lobby of All Star Sports where I'm staying -- I just didn't want to say hi and then have it not be you...
    Haha, I'm sure you'd agree that photography+Flickr+WDWMag+fiancee are the only things that keep us "alive" in these crazy school schedules. But yes, I've often found myself thinking of how much "less" studying I'm doing than people say is required. . . . then again I have a major exam on Wed (yes, I have school all 12 months of the year), and I SHOULD be studying.

    On that note . . . . see you Wednesday afternoon!! :)
    Hi Tom
    Just wanted to tell you I love your pictures and your posts. While I am mostly a lurker, I missed reading your posts while you were busy with your classes.
    Glad you are back!
    P.S. We share the same Birthday!
    Hi - I joined about a year ago - but just started posting - I remember reading your proposal last year and your pictures on he beach of the Poly Hotel!- Awesome- any girls dream ( in her right mind)-- how are your plans going? Or are you two married already? I am a HUGE WDW fan since I was 6 years and am now 38 and training my 3 year old daughter to follow in my steps- which she is having no problem doing - I think it may be inherited-- best of luck with your new bride- you are an amazing photographer.
    Haha -- Actually you got it right the last try. I made a username when AIM first came out in middle school of my first and middle initials and last name (Craig A. Stevens), but never had heard of Cat Stevens at the time. It was a terrible decision. I might as well have been like everyone else and been "CrZHoTtBoY99221" on AIM...
    Your photos are awesome, how do you get the brilliant colors in your shots? I have a D80, can you help me out? I will be visiting Disney later this month and would love to try to get those intense colors. Thank you so much!
    -Dana TinkRBell427
    please tell me what kind of camera do you use. also how do you get all those great empty park shots. your shots are the best
    I loved your trip report and as always enjoy your photos. Our trip is 21 days away and your report has pumped me up!!! Thanks again
    I would just like to say Thank You!! I look forward to all your photos, its like living the magic. I've stole many of them to use as screen savers. Thank you again
    I commented in a figment post a little over a month ago about figment merch. and asked about a giant figment sold a long time ago. Anyway, I can't find the Forum.. is there a way to track my comments.. or do you remember the conversation? Thanks.
    Glad you like them Figgy! Been here 2 weeks now with a week to go. I have been taking all of my pics with either Av, Tv or Manual. I think I have forgotten what Automatic looks like & I don't remember the last time I used a flash. I actually used my P/S the other day & found myself shooting on Manual Mode with that.
    >>"The problem with that lens is that, although it's AF, it isn't AF-S, which is what the D40 needs."

    I seem to recall reading about that a while back. Possibly Sigma makes a lens a fast prime lens that would work. Enjoy the camera!
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