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  • Tom,

    Congratulations on the great news about passing the Bar Exam!!! It has been a while for me now, but I still recall what a huge relief it was when I learned that I'd passed!

    Congrats on passing the bar, Tom!
    I look forward to more of your pics and continued coverage of your happy life with lovely Sara.
    I viewed your disneymoon photos and am impressed by the quality and vivid colors. I would like to get a new camera, any recommendations?
    Hey There & Congrats to you & Sarah....
    I just finished reading your honeymoon thread. Loved It! Hope you're both doing well.
    Take Care :>)
    Hey just got my Celebrations magazine in the mail today, excellent cover shot! Congratulations!
    Don't know if you saw my post, but just wanted to say again how amazing your photos are! Your Disney proposal is equally as impressive! Early congratulations on your wedding!
    Tom- i just looked at your engagement pictures and they are beautiful! i have been with my boyfriend for 5 years- we met in highschool and needless to say are still in college so marriage is a few years off.. but i still dream of a disney proposal and wedding but for us the disney wedding probably wont happenbut we have talked about a disney trip/cuise for a honeymoon! i just wanted to say congratulations and im sure you are getting excited for the big day!!! Thanks for sharing!
    All yours photos are so amazing!
    I was searching disney on Flickr the other day and noticed a comment on one of the pictures and was like.."Thats the guy that takes amazing pictures!" haha.
    Hey man noticing your signature about christmas nights for the sega saturn, looks like there is a ton of copies available for sale on eBay.
    Just dropping by to say hello, haven't seen you on here in a while. It's been super busy for me at work. Hope your wedding plans are going well. Take Care Lucille :)
    Hi there :) Just wanted to drop by and say 'hi'...I love your photography and I ordered your calendar for my mom for Christmas!
    Hi Tom,

    Can you provide any assistance with how you created the watermark on your photos? How were you able to create the "R". Thanks.

    Sorry about my post in your trip thread. My iPod gets jittery on long pages to scroll on,and I missedyou message at the beginning...

    Hope you understand!
    Hey, your pictures are awesome. Can you tell me what type of equipment you use? I'm not into photography yet, but its definitely something that I'm looking into taking up as a hobby.
    Great trip report and GREAT pictures as always! I read the whole thing over lunch today. I don't post often but i read these boards almost daily and I've always enjoyed your pictures. Well done!!!
    Hi, this is TinkerChelli's husband and we just purchased a Canon Eos Rebel Xsi with the enclosed 17-85mm lens, I was wondering what you may think may also help us in preparing for great photos at our October 15th WDW arrival. I did get a flash and the extra clip in battery pack & UV filter. I was thinking of a zoom lense because I am noticing that the enclosed lens has it's limits. I love the pics you take and would appreciate any recommendations you may have for a group of budding Disney photographers. Any suggestions?
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