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  • Thank you Bayoumoon. Great handle. If your from Dallas, I guess you've never seen a full moon shining through the cypress trees on the bayou? Beautiful sight.
    To get your MIL to leave, stop carrying cash. When your out & about with her, ask her if she's got cash to pay for something, Stamps, a Tip, etc.
    Lol. Thanks. I wish I got to wear that shirt, but the idea didn't hit me five years ago. :)
    Thank you! It was a once in a lifetime experience I will treasure forever. I enjoyed sharing it with this forum because I know you all "get it". Some of my friends did not see what the big deal was. Only true Disney fans can understand how special that experience was to my family!
    Wow first time anyone talks to me. Must be the avitar? Yes I can't wait for the next 94 days to go bye. We just bought a house and we are moving in 3 weeks. So after that the only countdown left is Disney. This is also our secong trip and first during the holidays. Our first was June 28th to July 5th 2005. We had a great time and I can't wait to go this time since I have learn so many things since then. This time we took the deluxe dining plan so we are going to Mickey's BBQ, Cinderella's Castle, Polenisian Luau etc. How about you any special plans?
    No bother.

    I managed to find the spec on another site.
    I'm a total petrol head,but knew very little about NASCAR before I went being a Brit.The induction & learning session was really good and well structured so I felt confident despite getting into the most powerful car I've ever been in that I was going to be looked after and safe and that I was going to have fun.As a driver the time goes really quickly.
    I dragged the wife to Daytona as well and though it is a really impressive facility Im glad I did the experience at WDW.The instructors & feel were a lot less corporate & more friendly and the track is a lot more technical so as a driver you'll get a lot more from it than just going round & round @Daytona.And because the straights aren't massively wide,when you get up near the wall it feels proper fast.I was doing 190+ but it felt like 300mph.

    Im sure your fella will be really grateful.

    Track is located northwest of the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom parking plaza

    Track was constructed in 1995 by IMS Events, Inc., 4790 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222, an affiliated company of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    Facility features permanent race track and temporary seating during event periods

    Motorsports events at track are operated by IMS Events, Inc.


    1-mile tri-oval track; Width: 50' Straights; 60' Turns

    Frontstraight: 910'; Turn 1 Length - 994'

    Midstraight: 1,023'; Turn 1 Banking - 10 degrees

    Backstraight: 572'; Turn 2 Length - 941'

    Short Straight: 192'; Turn 2 Banking - 8.5 degrees

    Dogleg Curve Length: 244'; Turn 3 Length - 375'; Turn 3 Banking - 7 degrees
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