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  • Congratulations on the D40. Nikon builds a great camera and offers a very nice choice of lenses to go with it. Nikon sells a 50mm 1.8 lens for around $100 which I would highly recommend. I have one for my N-80 SLR. Thanks for the kind words on my pictures and I look forward to seeing your work form the D40. Have a good weekend.
    Had to mention, I got quite a smile from your Figment at the airport picture. On Oct 1, I took a shot of a couple (dont know who there are) on JIYI holding their 25th anniversary figments. Unfortuntately it did not come out to good, but it was one of those shots that could have been perfect. Congrats on getting a DSLR - having you been using it? Which one did you get?
    Great, great news about your cameras!!! You might be surprised that having a backup camera is a pretty good idea. If one goes down, you aren't left with nothing and they can share lenses.

    I think you are really going to enjoy your photography with your new equipment! We use the 30D for work and it's a wonderful camera. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Good for you!!!
    Well, I really think that you are doing the right thing so that you can fully enjoy the wedding. My DH was in his last few months of collage when we got married and it was tough. He was working full time and going to collage every afternoon/night so it made it tough. I was so happy when that was over. :)

    Are you planning a Disney wedding or honeymoon?
    Just stopping in to say hi and ask if you all have set the big date yet? Love the pictures of you engagement and the story was amazing.

    Have a great week!:wave:
    I was fortunate enough to have received a Longevity Bonus at work & I have been working for the same company for 23 years so that really helped. I committed to spend that money on a camera. Thanks for the Congrats.
    Greetings! You've posted a couple of pictures that I completely missed that were really, really good! I usually go back and see the pix from the last time I posted, but somehow I missed a few of yours. Good job!
    Thanks for the kind words. You're not so bad yourself. I can't wait for that next trip now that I have my new Canon 40D. I actually made the decision to purchase this while on the last trip in December & purchased it about a week after returning home. I take it out & shoot very random pics at all different settings then analyze what worked best by studying the data. I plan to do alot of this before January to be sure I know exactly what I am doing with it come time for that trip. I will not be happy until I feel I have mastered that camera. By the way, Congratulations on completing your finals. :sohappy:
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