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  1. tinkerblonde11

    Never Have I Ever....WDW edition

    Never have I ever been inside the Grand Floridian!
  2. tinkerblonde11

    Favorite still-standing original attraction at MK?

    HM most definitely. Favorite original, and favorite in general!
  3. tinkerblonde11

    Upgrades or special treatment for "First time" guests

    My last trip may have been my family's 6th or 7th visit, and there was about a 6 year gap since our previous trip. We booked with POR, our usual hotel, and got a standard room. When we got down to WDW, we found our room was upgraded to one of the Royal themed rooms, no charge. Not sure if it was...
  4. tinkerblonde11

    Why don't they just close the whole park while there at it?

    I'm very confused by this thread and can't tell what's sarcastic or not... is it true you guys are hearing DHS is closing? Is that a real thing?
  5. tinkerblonde11

    What are your favorite "rare" Disney park characters?

    I loved when Jafar had a M&G, although the only one I went to was in Fantasyland years back when they had a large tent exclusively for villains. My understanding is that he doesn't have any M&G now except for MNSSHP. Wish I could make it to that one year!
  6. tinkerblonde11

    Ever Witness a CM Break Character?

    I had a similar wardrobe malfunction experience. Mickey and Minnie were taking photos together with guests, when Minnie's underwear fell down. She covered her face with her hands and her handler had a tough time getting them back up. Mickey walked into the line of waiting guests and put his...
  7. tinkerblonde11

    Favorite parade/fireworks music

    Spectromagic most definitely
  8. tinkerblonde11

    Del Toro's Haunted Mansion Movie Not Dead..

    Brilliant, I can wait. Although the HM ride itself is kid friendly, it still definitely has an overall eeriness to it and that's how I think a movie inspired by it should be. The Eddie Murphy movie was just way too corny. Disney movies and rides are for kids and adults, and while I was...
  9. tinkerblonde11

    Small world

    Absolutely. As much as we all complain about the song, a trip just wouldn't be complete without it. It's relaxing and a nice break from walking in the sun, plus each room is just so cute!
  10. tinkerblonde11

    carpets vs dumbo

    I'd say Dumbo. Whenever my family goes, Dumbo has always been a must-do once even if they line was long. Carpets we could skip over and no one was too upset.
  11. tinkerblonde11

    spoiled by disney parks

    I really don't see how Six Flags could be compared to Uni... I mean I haven't been to them as much as WDW but seriously Uni's theming is great. And look at the new WWHP area it looks amazing! One park I went to and enjoyed a lot was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, I saw someone had mentioned it...
  12. tinkerblonde11

    Frozen at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the summer?

    I like the idea of a stage show much more than a ride... especially a ride replacing Maelstrom. Whenever I hear the Maelstrom rumor I feel sick. Frozen is great to bring in guests but a ride there would clog Norway so much, along with getting rid of a really fun classic ride. A stage show and...
  13. tinkerblonde11

    Electric Parade/Spectromagic Parade

    I agree I'm really not a fan of the MSEP music and parade in general. I loved Spectromagic and thought it's music was beautiful. I still watch the new parade, but am very sad that Spectro is no longer. Oh well, I can still listen to the music online!
  14. tinkerblonde11

    Which Ride...

    Love to get stuck on: MK: TTA (where you can see Buzz or SM) Epcot: Maelstrom AK: Dinosaur HS: GMR Hate to get stuck on: MK: IASW Epcot: Soarin' AK: EE HS: RnR
  15. tinkerblonde11

    EE: Please help me be a responsible parent.

    Oh shoot I'm sorry about that! I'm thinking of RNR. So sorry!! :oops: I did still feel more secure on EE than SM though if that still helps.
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