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  1. themoose

    Swan/Dolphin/Four Seasons CM Benefits Question

    If you are a cast member at any of these resorts, do you get free access into the parks? Thanks.
  2. themoose

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I forgot about the refurbs. Hopefully we will get those too
  3. themoose

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    There aren't too many EC rumors, but tons of DHS. An official DHS announcement is highly likely, but EC not so much. But they have surprised us before
  4. themoose

    AVATAR Concept Art released

    The boats in the concept images look like they have bumpers on the outside, similar to Kali or Splash.
  5. themoose

    AVATAR Concept Art released

    The combination of indoor/outdoor sections and a giant rock. People were talking earlier in this thread about the simulator ride being in the rock, but it doesn't make much sense for them to do that. Obviously this is all speculation.
  6. themoose

    AVATAR Concept Art released

    This boat ride sounds like splash mountain, but built correctly decades later and with cutting-edge technology.
  7. themoose

    AVATAR Concept Art released

    Have they said whether or not there is a ride inside the rock?
  8. themoose

    AVATAR Concept Art released

    the best part about the entire announcement is the nighttime show. it sounds like they are innovating with their entertainment again...and finding a way to bring glow with the show to AK. Hopefully the entire ToL will get the refurb it needs. Now for all of the official DHS announcements...
  9. themoose

    New Resort Merchandise

    These say "Disney's" on them. Is it just the movies that has moved over to saying just "Disney"? I was under the impression it was a company wide thing
  10. themoose

    Test Track refurb???

    I really dont understand these boards sometimes. People beg for new things and change, but when TDO does something, everyone complains. TT was dated and needed something other then a fresh coat of paint. TT2.0 is slick and a much needed upgrade to Future World. Next thing you know, they'll...
  11. themoose

    VIDEO - Celebrate the Magic

    Brighter colors, more character integration, better use of the castle architecture, and no awful photos. Well done imagineering.
  12. themoose

    Tangled Area Opening Date

    I think you're right. If there were a massive attraction and the bathroom were a part of it, there would be no questions - probably just praise. But in this case, the facades of IASW and Peter Pan could have been brought up to par with the rest of the additions for the same price as an overly...
  13. themoose

    Tangled Area Opening Date

    Couldn't they have scaled back the budget of the restroom and plussed a queue instead? It is begining to look like the budget of this and the new HM queue are in the same ballpark.
  14. themoose

    What ears do you wear?

    glow with the show
  15. themoose

    ImagiNations 2013

    tj, interested in putting a group together?
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