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  • Hey!! I am doing great! How have you been? I have not been on here to much lately but that's about to change because I have a daughter who is graduating this year and we are taking her to Dinsey for her Senior trip. YAY!! Thanks for checking in with me!! :)
    Hey there if u get a chance check out my new thread in the general discussion, its my absolute final ADR's, id love to hear ur views on them
    My family and I are going to WDW from 9/7 thru 9/14. Maybe we'll see you there. I've always wanted to mett another poster from here just to put faces to the names.
    Just been busy w/ the kids...finishing up the school year (they are out 5/22).
    Also, I had surgery a little over 2 wks. ago.
    Hubby left for Indy on business this morning, so I will be a "single parent" for a few days.
    Hopefully we can still get to WDW in Sept. (I miss it SO much)!!!
    How are you?
    We had a wonderful time!
    We were gone for 11 days & as much as I love WDW, I was getting a little homesick.
    My in-laws went again this year & we had a similar experience w/ my mother-in-law (a little like last year's negative experience).
    Luckily, if we get to go next year, they won't be going.
    I still love them, but I guess some people are hard to go on vacation with.
    She is one of those people who tends to find something to complain about.
    Like my hubby & I said...If you can't be happy at WDW, you can't be happy anywhere!

    we are good..Just got home from Ga..How did you guys do?

    We are hoing Ike stays away from us..
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