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  • maggiegrace1

    Great report Love..

    Wish I would have been there..please come in december..

    I'm not the only one askin' :lol:
    Shush you!

    I'll give you a buzz on my ride home from workitty work. (4:00) Be there...or be square...or just...not there.

    After looking at that trip looked like you went, you saw, you kicked it's...Eeyore!
    Mine is black.... I think it will look really neat when it fades a bit...I thought about doing pink, but decided against it- never thought about doing white though..nice touch! I feel the same way, since my childhood revolved around WDW, I am glad to have part of it always with me! I think I may add to it as well..not sure yet- but I'm thinking of putting a small African symbol from AKL underneath it since that is where we always stay, but we will see!
    :king: I wanted to put "I just blue myself" as my user title and "Even if it means I have to take a chubby, I will suck it up" in my signature but I think the mods wouldn't like it very much haha
    Hey! Just wanted to say I was searching through your pictures and it looks like we have something in common.... I have the retro Imagination symbol tattooed on my left wrist! I just got mine last night...
    *poke* was great to get to spend your birthday with you and the crazy sis :) Hope to see you down our way again soon!
    Hey Jenn. I was not sure if you knew about it but Martin recently put a Communicore/Innoventions ultimate tribute up on Mousebits. Being an Epcot Center fan, I thought you might enjoy it.
    Yea, close to 15K...but I'm pacing myself...not as young as I used to be :eek:

    So when are we going to start to see a trip report from her awesomeness?
    I just wanted to say that this, "WDW is killer as it is, much less when you have amazing people in your life that see to it you have the best time imaginable!" Is so true.

    The best part of my last trip was sitting outside Rose & Crown shooting the breeze, and having drinks for two hours. Not a care in the world, fantastic travelling companions, and it was at EPCOT for crying out loud! :lol:

    Once again, glad to see you had a kick **** birthday. That's one I have not done yet. I must fix that issue soon!
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