One Lil Spark

I'm doin' mighty fine, thanks!

Disney! Duh! ;)
Feb 28, 1983 (Age: 39)
In the AK parking lot bushes
Favorite Park
EPCOT Center = Best. Park. EVER.
Favorite Attraction
Journey Into Imagination (Original) & Horizons
Favorite Parade
Favorite Firework Show
Favorite Resort
Anything on property. It's all laced with Disney Magic.
Favorite Restaurant
Les Chefs de France
Favorite Character
Dreamfinder and Figment - It's a package deal.
Last Visit to WDW
February/March 2009
Next Visit to WDW (Arriving)
Favorite Disney Movie
Little Mermaid and Robin Hood
Next Visit to WDW (Departure)
Next Visit to WDW - Location
Disney's BoardWalk Inn
Number of WDW Trips
Over 100... I spent my entire childhood at WDW!
Stay-at-home-Mom/House Wife


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