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One Lil Spark
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  • I'm sad Miss Jenn....
    I know it's not as epic as yours....but you didn't visit my trip report...and it's almost done...
    I forgot to congratulate you! Make sure you make him or her watch loads of awesomeo 80's animation and grow up geek!
    :D :wave:
    Clothesline the Elderly? I was wondering why Cinderella's stepsisters were stalking me with a jumprope on my last time down. Time to break out the Grecian formula!
    can we go "bowling for toddlers" in Fantasyland next trip down? That sounds like so much more fun than pool hopping - and pool hopping is a bag of animal crackers, let me tell ya!
    Hope you had success on that Job search! I haven't been around as much with my own issues here lately with my dad's accident and all. I wish you much success on job search!!
    Ok..Well I am here for you whenever..anytime..for anything..I worry about you...Keep in touch with me though..it has been too long!..Love you!
    You are quite welcome. I couldn't bare to see you part with Figgys. You love them too much. Don't worry about sending me anything.

    Now I've heard of body shots before but never body beers. :ROFLOL:
    Thinking good thoughts for ya dear.
    Don't be panicking yet!
    Did you apply for unemployment yet? Any word on the other interview? Did you call them to follow up?

    Talk with ya later ((hugs))
    He Jenn ((hugs))
    If you are really interested in getting into more advanced Ebay selling, you can get the Ebay for dummies or the "free" training CD from the guy who sells those CD's on the TV commercials. Would probably give you some good ideas.
    Otherwise, get a good picture, accurate description, give it 4-5 days and you should be in good shape. What is your Ebay name? Guess I should ask that for birthday girl and some others here...

    Be well!
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