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Recent content by Missy Skywalker

  1. Missy Skywalker

    Does anyone know about this? Fingerprint deal....

    Can I just ask something without people jumping down my throat? Anyone want to take a leap? Anyone? Anyone? Going once...going twice..going three times...gone! When I enter the parks and the scanner is having trouble reading my finger, cast members usually tell me to use the same finger that...
  2. Missy Skywalker


    I suppose then you don't want to know that I'm going in four days? :) I agree with everyone- plan a trip or at least you could plan a trip you could go on. Plan what meals you would eat this moment or what stores you would go in. Or that might make your Disneyitis worse? :goodnevil
  3. Missy Skywalker

    Which CoP would you rather have ???

    Certainly Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow- It's just classic! It's the one I am used to, and I love it!
  4. Missy Skywalker

    Minnie Mouse Wardrobe malfunction

    When we were younger, my sister (soarinrulz) and I saw the Beast's pants fall down. It wasn't exactly like the video because in the middle of the show, they completely fell down, and he had to leave. I was too young to appreciate the humor, but she was so terrified. She refused to go back to...
  5. Missy Skywalker

    Least Scary place to sit on rides?

    I think the best place to sit is in the middle for Big Thunder. Being too close to the front just is sort of scary because you see the drop and have more time for anticipation. And, of course, the back has the most severe experience. As for Splash, I have never ridden it and never plan on...
  6. Missy Skywalker

    WDWMagic photo spot idea!

    I really like this idea! It would be awesome if it was figured out before I go- I go this Tuesday, on the 4th. I think an interesting spot might be near the Indiana Jones well in the Studios. Or maybe with that troll in the Norway store? Or what you could do would be to have everyone...
  7. Missy Skywalker

    Which one of these countries would you like to see added to WS?

    I can't just chose one, so I had to chose a few. (Okay, I pretty much picked all of them, but I love them all) First off, I voted for Greece. As a history geek myself, I can imagine all of the fascinating things that Disney could do with a Greek exhibit. The Parthenon, anyone? The Greeks have...
  8. Missy Skywalker

    Skipper Dan by Weird Al

    That's hysterical! I love it. I was hoping for more Jungle Cruise jokes, though. He could've thrown in a "12 inches to a whopping one feet" joke or a "they still have their trunks on" joke, but I still love it. Excuse me, but I have to go learn the song by heart now, so when I go I can...
  9. Missy Skywalker

    Blizzard Beach Help

    I just got back from Disney yesterday and I had so much fun at BB. Thank you all so much for your valuable insight. I didn't go on Summit Plummet or the Double Dippers, but went on the racers, the snow stormers, the runoff rapids, Teamboat Springs and the chairlift (I know it's not actually a...
  10. Missy Skywalker

    Post WDW Depression

    I just got back from Disney yesterday, and I certainly know what you mean. I don't know when I'll go next, at least a year until my next trip. I know when I leave Disney, I'm usually numb. I don't really think about "next week at this time..." or "the next time I step on this leaf..." Now...
  11. Missy Skywalker

    I miss WDW

    Right now I am SO excited- I'm leaving for the airport in less than 11 hours. (though I do have to get up at 4- but it is SO worth it) I am so hyper! I know I won't get any sleep tonight! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  12. Missy Skywalker

    Top 5 Things to Do at the Parks

    Be a complete nerd at Star Tours and its store. Ride Soarin. Ride Test Track. Ride the Fantasyland attractions. Do everything else that this list of only 5 has not listed! :D Getting up to go to the World in 10 hours!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  13. Missy Skywalker

    A Bazillion Brazilians

    You know my favorite part about the Brazillians is when they speak English to each other, but when you're trying to get their attention (for whatever reason: in line, etc.) they pretend they can't speak English! I think my favorite memory of the group is during Fantasmic when there were 2...
  14. Missy Skywalker

    A Bazillion Brazilians

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: :(:(:(:(:(:( We're going on Sunday - I'm already holding my ears- thanks for the heads up!
  15. Missy Skywalker

    Do they sweat?

    Actually, everyone who performs at Disney is genetically mutated and simply cannot sweat! :lookaroun :ROFLOL:
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