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  • The best piece of advice that I could give them is get to the parks before opening and avoid the parks with EMH. If they roll into MK at noon they are going to find a packed park and have a miserable time.
    As their trip is tomorrow, and I don't have phone contact with them right now, I don't know what to ask on their behalf! What would you tell them first? My husband and I discussed ADRs, Fastpasses, ChildSwap, picking up events info. brochures...what else should we remind them? I know they are staying off property and have never been there before.
    The Mom sent me to you, because I asked her if there was a place to get last-minute planning info. (My military friends are trying a trip to WDW tomorrow and asked me to help!) Is there such a place? Perhaps with checklists to print or something? I've tried to tell them all I know...
    Just saw this and thought of you:

    Six years after the release of his mega-selling The Da Vinci Code, the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group announced that Brown's The Lost Symbol, a thriller set during a 12-hour period and featuring Da Vinci Code symbolist Robert Langdon, will come out in September.

    Planning on seeing Angels and Demons when it comes out?
    Hope KK is going well for you!
    That was my thoughts as well. Most of the people that I knew in high school that went the psychology route either became social workers or ditched the field entirely. I was kind of hoping for to either go into the medical field or into IT. We shall see what the fall semester brings.
    Good and cost effective way to start, particularly if you are not certain about direction.
    I twitch when I hear psychology or sociology...precious few jobs without something more. Although even into second year, majors are very flexible. Maybe more toward education.
    "She will actually be starting college during the summer term"

    Congrats! Where will she be going? Preliminary major?
    Not too bad. Went to a Renaissance fair on Saturday and slept in today. All in all a pretty good weekend. How about you?
    Hey man, long time lurker, I respect your posts, but seeing as you're a senior member, maybe you could pass this along to the board mods...You're always so gracious, and me well, not so much I can't stand the constant battles and disparaging comments...I'm really tired of the trolling here by other senior members...I mean its supposed to be about Disney right? any advice? Other than lol
    Let's just say reality stinks. :lol: It is cold and windy today, and we are getting 7-9 inches of snow tomorrow.
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