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  • Unfortunately, there is not much the mods can do about it and still allow WDWMagic to be a discussion board. Part of a discussion is a difference of opinion. When people get out of line in that "difference of opinion" the mods do step in but as long as the posters obey the rules they really can't and should not outright ban them. If the mods were to get rid of everyone that did not see WDW as all happy. happy, joy, joy the site would degrade to nothing more than a Disney love fest and it would have no real substance.

    What I do to deal with it put on a fanboy filter on my brain. There are always going to be those posters that do nothing but excrete negativity and pessimism, others will think they know everything while in reality they know nothing, and of course there is always that segment that can not distinguish between fact and opinion. Fortunately among those trolls you have people like Lee, Tim G (Formerly Corrus), JpVondrake and marni71 who always have great, accurate insider info, slappy magoo, Gary hover and occasionally JimboJones123 are always good for a laugh and a plethora of countless others that keep the pixie dust in their hearts make putting up with a few trolls worth it. You just have to work a little to pick out their voices amongst the din of negativity propagated by a rather loud minority. Ignore those "Worst XXXX in WDW" threads, skip past the enigma posts when you are looking for some insight as to what is going to happen in the Space Mountain refurb, etc.

    The other thing I do is try to look at a situation from the other posters point of view. Many of those pi$$ and vinegar posters have valid points supported by facts and historical trends. Their biggest problem is the way they go about expressing it. I have found that quite a few simmer down when you empathize with their issue, providing it is valid, and bring up some things that have gone right. If someone truly gets out of line report it to the mods but never attempt to "Fight fire with fire". It only makes more fire.

    The really sad thing is as discussion boards go, even Disney ones, WDWMagic is one of the better ones. Lurk around Disboards for a couple of days and WDWMagic will feel like slipping into a warm bath.
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