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  • Oh, how wonderful!!!...I keep thinking that graduation is so far away for my kids, but the way time is flying, it won't be that long!
    You'll have to let me know how the trip goes! :)
    Hey haven't been on in a long time just hoping ya'll are doin' good. Does Lindsey STILL think i'm cute? JUST WONDERING...
    Made it back home about 6:30 yesterday evening. The trip was Great although Very Cold. We had to bundle up most of the time & I ended up coming home with a head cold. Thankfully I didn't start coming down with it until Thursday night. I have lots of Great pics that I will start posting as soon as I can get them on to my Flickr site. I got to meet up with KeeKee & her husband which was great. We had talked beforehand & they met us at Hollywood Studios on the Saturday when we first got there. We spent the day there together & then hopped over to MK for the evening. It was a pleasure meeting someone you communicate with on the site. I hope you hear from the school soon so you can finalize your plans.

    Here is a sample of my pics:

    They are an extraordinary family! The post from today was from the same visit, too!
    Thank you very much for your kind words. The picture posted today was taken while visiting with cooleo and his family on Saturday! We had a great time with them!
    Great! Glad to hear the family is doing well. If I eat a Dole whip for you, it will have to count for both of us since I recently had to start al diet due to being diagnosed with hypertension. Actually it is going well as I lost 5 pounds in the first week. I really don't need to lose that much, it's more just about what I eat. But I tell ya, I am not going to allow myself to miss out on the great things WDW Dining has to offer. That's for sure. Anyway, I am doing better & feeling good; everyone is happy about that. I hope the school gets your schedule to you soon. Have a Great Trip in October. L8r......
    Hi Mom! Happy New Year to You & Yours. I am running a little late. How is Lauren doing since the appendix surgery? When is your next trip? We are leaving next Friday the 16th. Funny we began talking about this back in May & now here we are, 8 days left. Drop me a note when you get a chance. Tell Lindsey we all said Hi!
    Hey! Thanks!!! Happy Holidays to you as well! At least it finally got cold. lol It didn't feel like the holidays for a while there. Yay for upcoming vacations!!! I'll be here when ever you are ready. :) Let me know if you have any questions prior to then as well. Take care and Happy New Year!!!!
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