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  1. mandib

    EpcotServo's May 31st STUDIOS Update: Open Mania!

    Nice to hear about the crowds being fairly light/moderate as we leave on Friday. Thanks for the pictures...I'm so excited about TSM.
  2. mandib

    just how much should a high school yearbook cost?

    I went to a private high school and ours was included with tuition (and for the amount we paid to go there, they better have included it!) but ours incuded prom, graduation, etc. The only downside was that once you graduated you had to go back around homecoming time to pick it back up. The...
  3. mandib

    what was your college experience?

    Since I really have nothing to compare to I'll just say that's it's typical college. Go to class during the week, party on the weekends, even though we're not that crazy of a party school. Being in the city helps as well becuase we all have bus passes so we'll go explore downtown sometimes...
  4. mandib

    what was your college experience?

    I'm a freshman at Marquette University in Milwaukee which is about an hour and 45 minutes from home. I absolutely love it. I live in the dorms and am really lucky to have 2 amazing roommates. I'm all for the smaller school (ok 12,000 really isn't THAT small) atmosphere. Go MU!
  5. mandib

    Crowds from Dec. 25 to Dec 29

    We were there for Christmas last year and as everyone else has said it will be busy. BUT I've also been there for Easter and I don't think it's as bad. I think it may be worse at Easter just because of the weather. More people + warmer weather=not so pleasent. Although it was busy we had a...
  6. mandib

    January Roll call........when are you going??

    Jan 5th-13th! Staying in a vacation home. 26 days 0 hours and 22 min!
  7. mandib

    how many more days for you? (continued)

    I'm so jealous of all you in single digits! 26 until I'm there!! (but only 5 more till I'm done w/finals! haha)
  8. mandib

    Welcome to Disney World Brazil! (7/19-7/26)

    Oh great yay for crowds I leave Thursday!!! Yay! Btw I don't know if you know me but I'm a year younger than you and we both go well for you went to Naz. Small world. I know a song like that.
  9. mandib

    WDWMAGIC 10 Year Anniversary guest book

    Happy Birthday to my biggest online Disney obsession. Here's to another 10 or 20 or 30 or .... years!
  10. mandib

    under 100 days to go....!!! Anyone else?

    43 days! I keep getting told not to rush it because once we come back it's back to school, but it's senior year so I'm kind of excited. :) I cannot wait though especially since we just decided we were going a little more than a week ago. I love Disney! All of you that are over 100 hang in...
  11. mandib

    HELP, PLEASE! Disney anti-theft tag!

    This happened to us but having a father who thought he could pry it off he tried. A once pink night shirt turned to blue with the ink. We've learned our lesson. I had shorts that they forgot to take the device off of too but I'm not sure what happened to them. Hmm. This always happens in...
  12. mandib

    Finding Nemo--The Musical (replacement for Tarzan Rocks!) confirmed opening late 2006

    The YouTube is a great find! That actually got me excited for a musical that I originally had no interest in. I'll miss it this trip because it won't be open, but I'm sure I'll see it next year.
  13. mandib

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire closing in August

    Good thing it's not until the 19th, we're going to the 3rd-13th and if it wasn't open for one last time I think my mom and sister might cry. They could sit in there all day. Odd I agree, but they love it. We're WWTBAM people though, I've been down there twice and my mom once. Someone has to...
  14. mandib

    10 rumors that can be put to bed with this post

    Before I opened this I was like I hope there's something in there about Beastly Kingdom. And to my like it was #1. I enjoyed this random topic. I had forgotten all about the Brother Bear flume ride in Canda too. Good idea on this one!
  15. mandib

    WDW Grand Opening Video Promo

    Wow that was so cool. There was so much...room and so little crowds :lol:. Great find!
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