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  • My sweet little boy had a great Christmas. I just can't believe he's already had his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Where does the time go?
    Hello my dear!
    I hope you enjoyed The Bachelor last night!
    And Biggest Loser is on tonight! AAAH so excited!!! :D

    Love you!!
    Hey Dana! His name is Aaron Elias (like WED :D) - Eli for short. I was induced two weeks early b/c I got sick. 23 hours of labor with no working epidural and an emergency c-section later brought my 7 pound 9 ounce miracle into the world. He's 9 weeks and 2 days old now. I can't even describe how much I love being a mom. God has blessed my family so much to have such a beautiful, perfect little boy. How's Maggie?

    Lori :D
    SO sad about Abby. She was such a sweetie. Her story completely broke my heart. :(

    Love Amanda and Danny! And LIZ!!!
    I am so completely over Daniel. Ugh. He's had his chance.
    Shay needs to stay...not Daniel.

    Anywhoo....yes I am well!! I love you too!
    My life is just so busy lately that I haven't gotten a chance to check in lately.
    Miss Dana!
    Just saw your avatar and quote. My kinda girl...I would have put them up for myself...but it may not be given the same latitude.
    Love you dear! :kiss:
    Hey Dana--I'll try to remember the camera at soccer Saturday to take a picture of the changing leaves for you! Glad to here you guys are well, how's the new home??? Thank you especially for reminding us to save the ta tas!
    Love you too!!!
    Hey!! I'm doing great, thank you for checking on me. We actually just got back from Disney World Sunday. My computer died so I Have not been on here. I'm using my daughters itouch right now until our computer comes in. This is insane! Lol
    Hey, lady. Doing quite well... still recovering from California. LOL.

    How are you and Miss Maggie?
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