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  • 8lbs in two weeks with the Alli & watching what I eat. :D

    I know you were interested to hear if it worked or not!
    I'll be sure to say a prayer for you and Maggie tomorrow. Eli is getting his 6 month shots this week. Say a prayer for us. I think he's adorable, too. :) Good luck to you and Miss Maggie tomorrow.
    I know. Time flies. How are Maggie and Drew. I just quoted you in the Poly thread.
    Good lord, she went after me again. This time I just told her that she was being snarky and if she thought my posts were offensive to report me. I'm tired of dealing with her.:brick:
    Dana! You are amazing! I didn't know what to say to her, where she wouldn't make a snarky remark, I appreciate what you said because that is what exactly what my post was suppose to be about...I LOVE YOU! :kiss::sohappy::sohappy:
    Awe thank you for thinking of me. It's been a challenge, I was laid off Jan, 8th, but it's been a blessing. I hated working there :). I've been in therapy for the last year and it has helped me SO MUCH. Everyone around me is proud of how I've been dealing with everything. It's not easy, but I'm keeping my head above water and trying to stay positive. Now if I could just win a trip to WDW, that would be the cherry on my sundae!

    Thanks again for checking up me! How have you been?

    AKA: Disneysue
    Eli is 15.5 pounds and 28 inches at 4 months. At this rate, he'll be big enough for height rides in no time. LOL! How old was Maggie when she first went?
    Hello friend! I hope you, Drew and Maggie had a wonderful holiday as did we here in New Jersey. You are always in my prayers!

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