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  • Yes!..I am excited for tonight..meant to comment on your page yesterday about the Bachelor but did not have a chance...them women are nuts..lol LOVE you!
    Hi love..I had to start a Biggest Loser thread in Chit chat..Did you cry?...I know you had too..Abby made me cry so many times..This is going to be a great and emotional season!

    Soo excited about The Biggest Loser..supposed to be a great season!..Let me know your faves when you get a chance and I will let you know mine..:)

    Love you!
    Hi love!..THinking of you and sending prayers for your grandma and your family...Keep in touch and let me know how she is..:)

    Love you!
    So,, The Bachelor!...UGH what a wimp he was...:(..I was so upset with him...

    The Biggest Loser..who do you like?

    Hope you are well..:)
    I voted for Ed..I hope they realized that people did not like Heba because she was mean....'
    The bachelor comes sometime in January..when I find out I will tell you..Have a Merry Christmas..and congrats on the new baby..:)..LOVE YOU!
    I know..:(

    I love that the audience gets to pick the 3rd person in the final three..because then Michelle would definitely be in it if she is not one of the final two..I hate Vicki and Heba..YUCK!
    Very crazy!!!

    I saw that..I loved him and hope he finds a good girl..:)

    LOVED LOVED LOVED The Biggest Loser..I do not likeBrady and his Witch of a wife at all..she is MEAN!..:(:(

    I was so happy Amy voted him off..:)
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