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  • Just had to say I LOVE your wedding photos! They are beautiful and it looks like such a fun day!
    Hi & thanks so much :) We can hardly wait to go, we keep counting the days down, as of today we have 37 days left, we will be there when you are there. I can not wait to do the Breakfast at Castle. We plan on renewing our vows and I am sure doing it at Disney will make it that much more special.
    Where do you usually stay when you go to Disney? We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Take care ok and I wish you the best vacation time while you are there. :)
    Lucille :)
    Hi I saw your wonderful wedding pics from Disney...You guys look so happy & great, Congrats to you both....I wished I could have gotten married at disney but we're doing our honeymoon there in December...Can hardly wait... :) take care ok.
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