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    At the world soon!!

    We leave Friday at 9am.....my 40th birthday!!!
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    Shorts vs. Dresses

    That makes perfect sense!!! Thank you!
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    Shorts vs. Dresses

    I am starting to pack for our trip to the world this week. I can't decide if I should pack my 5 and 6 year old girls tshirts and shorts or sundresses. I figured that sundresses take less room to pack and they would dry so much easier than a tshirt and shirts after water rides, etc. I do...
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    Automatic Gratuity with the DDP

    Why come and post at a Disney site if you are just going to be rude to people asking questions?
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    Automatic Gratuity with the DDP

    Having been a server for many years I do completely understand the fact that servers make a very low salary per hour so I do tend to be a good tipper. However, at a place like Disney, where restaurants STAY busy, tipping 18% on buffet is being a little overpaid in my opinion. We rarely spend...
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    Hi! Are you in Sioux Falls too? I figured there had to be more people from here on the...

    Hi! Are you in Sioux Falls too? I figured there had to be more people from here on the boards, but haven't seen any yet. 37 days left for me!!
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    Big Brother 11 *SPOILER THREAD*

    Darn it! Jordan better win part 2! Anyone but Natalie...hopefully Kevin would take Jordan to the end. I would HATE for her to win, she's done NOTHING!
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    Happy Birthday to Us

    Being the copycat that I am, I decided to save my marriage, keep my friends from avoiding me, and get my Disney fix at the same time! Yay me! We (and by “we “ I mean “ME”) are planning a trip to Disney to celebrate 3 family birthdays. We will be flying out of Omaha (2 ½ hours south of our...
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    Hannah Montana Barn at Backlot Tour

    My kids are going to be SO excited. I have to admit it's a little disheartening to come to a Disney site and see so much negative. People have different likes and dislikes and I think people need to keep in mind that some of things Disney does is actually for "children" so whether or not we...
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    October 2009 Role Call!!!

    We are going Oct 16-25th. There are 6 members of my family going (my 21 year old isn't coming). My parents and sister and her family will be joining us for part of the trip. We will be there for my 40th birthday, my youngest daughters 5th birthday, and the next one up will turn 6...
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    Multiple helpings of...

    My family makes Lefse several times a year. It's a pain in the butt to make, but it is delicious!!!! Is the Banana Bread Pudding the same as what they have for dessert at O'hana's?
  12. C

    Any word on Fall Deals (4:3 deal extension maybe!?)

    We already have a trip booked from Oct 16-25th (we'll be there for 3 of our birthday's). I'm assuming there is a zero chance of getting a pin emailed to me when I already have a trip booked. I'm hoping for some kind of special to be announced!!
  13. C

    10 Meal Credits, want 3 at Le Celier...Am I Nuts?

    Maybe I'm a little confused, but isn't LeCellier 2 table service credits? Which would actually mean you would only have 4 left if you ate there 3 times. Or are things different for free dining?
  14. C

    I Like What WDW Does On Birthdays

    I've been wondering about the "believing me" part myself. We are going in Oct of 2009 for my 40th birthday (16th) my daughters 5th birthday (17th) and my other daughters 6th birthday (24th). I figured I will take our birth certificates incase they don't believe us! ha!
  15. C

    All Star Sports vs. Pop Century?

    Throwing my 2 cents in for Pop Century also. Isn't even a question for me...Pop all the way!
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