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Nov 21, 2017 at 9:40 PM
Sep 29, 2005
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Jul 19, 1985 (Age: 32)
Mickey's Backyard (Orlando, FL)
Character Attendant and attractions

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Well-Known Member, 32, from Mickey's Backyard (Orlando, FL)

joanna71985 was last seen:
Nov 21, 2017 at 9:40 PM
    1. unkadug
      Just wanted to say Hi....haven't seen you around in a while
    2. ZipadeeMickey
      Great!! I think that's all the questions. Thanks so much!
    3. ZipadeeMickey
      Thanks for answering all of my questions, it's just there's not a lot of info out there. I was wondering if you get to change stations around the park or if you are only in one area for your whole shift and do you get to pick different parks on different days or are you assigned only to one park. In custodial.
    4. ZipadeeMickey
      Hi, thanks so much for responding to my post! I saw that on another forum you had mentioned that you worked in custodial at one point. What is that like? Is that an okay place to work if you want to interact with guests and what about cleaning toilets, etc. is that bad or just like normal maintenance.
    5. alexandra martin
      alexandra martin
      Hi, I noticed you commented on someone else's post and said you had done the College Internship Program. I have a phone interview tomorrow morning for this same program. Can I get some of your feedback on the program? Which state were you in? How was the pay after housing was taken out? About how many hours did you work per week? If you could help me out that would be awesome!! Thanks :)
      1. joanna71985
        Sure thing! I loved my CPs (I did 6 in total). I enjoyed my experiences. I was living in NJ at the time. This will vary by role (as each role has a different payrate), but I always had enough money for things (I guess it helped that I didn't have a car, so I didn't have to buy gas). Hours varied by time of year (and role), but I usually averaged around 35-40 (around holidays, I usually got more like 50-60).
        Mar 8, 2013
    6. kashmir
      Hi Joanna!
      I've enjoyed your posts over the years, and just saw a post about the College Program...my daughter has been accepted for the longer spring 2013 session (is that the Advantage Program?) and I wanted to know how to keep her safe from far away in Nebraska! Do you have any tips or suggestions to make her stay better?
      1. joanna71985
        I've found no matter what time you get off, there is almost always other people waiting with you (both to get on the bus, and walking back to the apartments). And if you feel uncomfortable, there is security around). Something else- if I was ever nervous in a place, I would just call someone on my phone and talk to them until I reached my destination. If you have any other questions, let me know :)
        Sep 23, 2012
    7. derelicte19
      Joanna!! You were our guide on the GMR last week!! Actually it was Sunday the 6th!! I was going to come over and say hi but we were running late for our ADR!
    8. enchanted_belle
      I saw your responses on the GMR thread, and wanted to say that I'm super jealous of your job! That's my dream job if I ever get the chance to work at Disney :)
    9. mergatroid
      Hey there, thanks so much for answering my questions. My wife and I are premium annual pass holders and visit for 3 weeks at a time each year. We just got back a few weeks ago and won't be coming again till next September. When we return we'll look out for you on the ride.
    10. britdaw
      It definitely is! that's why we're not holding back; we're doing just about every character meal we can with our girls, and the BBB, and all kinds of fun stuff. LOL
      Thank you, I sure will! :)
    11. britdaw
      Thank you so much for the comment on my blog entry! I have no doubt our trip is going to be epic. :) We are celebrating a lot... My husband returning home from his first deployment, our girls' first trip to WDW, my 30th birthday, and our 10th anniversary. For all those reasons, we plan on doing it big. :D
    12. blackthidot
      I wish I would have known at the time I would have said something but even if I don't know how I would have seeing you died near the end ;0) If you PM me your email I can send you the actual file for you to have. I will certainly have it in my report once I get that far!
    13. blackthidot
    14. laxchik18
      thanks so much
    15. laxchik18
      hey! how did u get the castle to be your backround? awesome!
    16. kaos
      Another chip & dale fan!!! Yea!!!!!
    17. unkadug
      Happy Birthday!
    18. palmickey420
      that is an awesome pic...how long ago was the photo taken
      p.s. i am talking about DWD
    19. heartodisney

      Merry Christmas and God Bless your family!
    20. Love U Disney
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    Jul 19, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Mickey's Backyard (Orlando, FL)
    Character Attendant and attractions
    Favorite Park:
    Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Attraction:
    Ride-Expedition Everest. Show- tie between Nemo and FOTLK
    Favorite Parade:
    Favorite Firework Show:
    Favorite Resort:
    Grand Floridian
    Favorite Restaurant:
    tie between CRT and LTT
    Last Visit to WDW:
    March 25-29, 2009
    Favorite Character:
    Chip and Dale
    Favorite Disney Movie:
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Next Visit to WDW - Location:
    Number of WDW Trips:
    I am the second-oldest of 8 kids. I have done 6 CPs, and am currently FT at the Great Movie Ride

    I love, love, LOVE Disney (need I say more?) I also like reading, traveling, and playing computer/video games.


    Dream: Feb 12-16, 2012 Fantasy: Oct 20-27, 2012 (East) Dream: Sept 8-12, 2013 (WDWMagic Girls' cruise!) Magic: Jan 20-24, 2014 Dream: Sept 14-18, 2015 Dream: Sept 25-29, 2017