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Zootopia at Animal Kingdom?

Rich Brownn

Well-Known Member
Again with the splitting of hairs regarding Zootopia and DAK. I think Zootopia would be just fine in DAK. DAK's already got talking animals who represent human types (Lion King). Just because the animals in Zootopia wear clothes doesn't mean they should be disqualified. Just confine them to their particular area as opposed to having them walk around in India, for instance. And have some kind of visual marker that separates the real-animals area in DAK from the fantasy-animals area. I think that would suffice to uphold the integrity of both spaces without mixing the elements. JMHO.
They not only wear clothes they have human jobs (police officer, detective, mayor, etc). The lion king is an actual lion, doing things a lion would do, who just happens to speak where we can understand him. In other words, Zoo could be replaced by humans, Lion King could not.
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