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Zootopia at Animal Kingdom?


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I don’t completely agree with you, but reading your post was so refreshing after reading all these posts of people screaming their condescending opinions at people who don’t agree with them. I would love some more Wall-E in the parks though 🤔
I would love to see Wall-E better represented. It received a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and frequently ranks as one of the best Pixar movies. I think it would have been a good fit in Future World (if an IP was to go into Future World), yet Future world will soon be no more. It would fit better in Tomorrowland than Monster's Inc.

My view towards DAK really centers around not wanting to dilute the theme of the park. It is the only park where the theme is pervasive and consistent. I'd hate for it to become Hollywood Studios for animals.

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