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Worst Cast Member Experience

The Mom

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In another post, I told of my worst CM experience. My mother was recuperating from an MI, we had planned the trip for months, so decided to go anyway but use a wheelchair so she wouldn't have to walk too much. A cast member implied that she was "faking " her disability. It upset everyone in the party, I told the cast member that not all disabilities are obvious, and reported the incident to guest services on the way out. I never heard anything else, and have never encountered that type of behavior again.


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Unfortunately, I've had a bad CM experience, mind you only one!
As I've mentioned in an earlier post, it occurred at the Coral Reef restaurant: the waitress seemed more intent on "complaining" about the cost of food and drink at Disney World than helping me enjoy my meal. Wonder what became of her....


As i've said in another post I have never had a bad cm experience, and I firmly believe Disney cm's are the best you will find at any park or tourist attraction. I have always noticed a difference at other parks outside of Disney their staff do not seem as professional as Disney's



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As I have mentioned in another post the only bad CM experience I have encountered is at the California Grille....TWICE!! It has never happened anywhere else so I have deemed the Grille as a fluke.


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Hey Dopey I think you meant to put that comment on YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE thread:p


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no no no he can have them my worst one was at the hardrock cafe at universal. we had a gay waiter and it was not a very good experince . i'll save myself the embrassment :)

Originally posted by jay_london

OOh aren't you a lucky boy you will make Mr.Lightbeer green with envy:p



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We came back to our room early one day and found the maid having lunch....good thing I had my camera with me...
she had a lot of nerve....never offered us a doughnut...
I think this is the person that Lightbeer ran across in Dunkin Donuts! :)


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