What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.


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I'm not all that picky about my dining options when I'm in the "world", but I do have my favorites:

Magic Kingdom - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe (C'mon....Ray does put on a pretty good nightly show. Am I wrong?)
Hollywood Studios - 50's Prime Time Cafe
Epcot - Teppan Edo (Japan)
Animal Kingdom - Rainforest Cafe (although a chain restaurant - always enjoyed the decor in there).

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Restaurant Marrakesh is as close to one as I have at Epcot. It’s tragically empty when we go, but that’s part of the positives, we can always get a table (and I’m dreading the inevitable ‘Aladdin character meal’ change they make to it) Tangierine is good too just for the baklava.

At MK my ‘go to’ is leaving and going somewhere else.

50’s maybe at HS? Sci Fi is still nice for the experience and rest if you gave a reservation

AK is pretty open. Yak and Yeti for sure but I am fine with Harambe reserve. I would say Restaurantasaurus but they ditched most of the cheesy dinosaur related songs I love (I still play them on Spotify in the car going there!)

Sanaa and Boma are 2 favs from resorts, Ohana is mostly hit, occasionally a miss? I have to have a long day and missed lunch to really be ready for the buffets tho.


We had the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom last time we were there - absolutely delicious!


On our first night we always eat at The Wave, my go to dish has been the "Bacon and Eggs", braised pork belly and a egg over cheese grits. I get it every time.

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I'm a pushover for breakfast at Tony's on Main Street.
I've had generally good experiences at Epcot, still haven't eaten in France or Morocco yet.
If I was going to DHS today, I'd go for something more quirky, like the Sci-Fi Drive In. It's silly, but unique. The Brown Derby is good, especially if you're a film nut, but I'm not crazy about it -- hat tip (ha ha) to the staff, though. Great crew, there (is it even still there? Been a while)
Animal Kingdom -- we always ate breakfast before we got there, and Animal Kingdom was at the time a kind of day park without the nighttime expansions they have now, so we never ate dinner there. Just snacks.


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Saana for dinner; we always add the bread service. And they have a really good red Sangria, not as good as the Waves’ but still really good.

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Restaurant Marrakesh is as close to one as I have at Epcot. It’s tragically empty when we go, but that’s part of the positives, we can always get a table (and I’m dreading the inevitable ‘Aladdin character meal’ change they make to it)
I haven't heard about any upcoming change. What's happening, and when?


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Tutto Gusto (wine and cheese!)
Nomad's (everything)
Spice road table (hummus platter and those amazing hummus fries/great view)
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Trader Sam's apps and all the drinks.

usually hit the pub for fish and chips once, les halles in france for a quick breakfast and a glass of champagne, eat at the Wave at least once.

My teenagers always insist on Crystal Palace every trip, though the food isn't great, can't beat Pooh!


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Cosmic Ray's is our most consistent, followed by Flame Tree. Yes, we realize both of those are counter service, but we must have those two. There are so many good sit-down places that we rotate through a good number.


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Grand Floridian cafe and kona cafe for breakfast. We always go to these two and have never gotten a bad brakfast.

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Jiko---- love the food, love the service, love the atmosphere, love talking to the staff from the different countries. Expensive but we feel it is worth it.


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and what do you like there?

Just some light, fun questions on a Monday for no particular purpose.

Anyhoo, we have two.

1) Olivia's at OKW. We never miss breakfast here, I think it's still a best kept secret. I love love love the crab cake eggs benedict and the banana break french toast.

2) Via Napoli. we always have lunch here the very first day we arrive. lol I swear it's the reason why we get park hoppers so no matter where we end up we can get over to the Italy pavilion. always get the pizza which we love but I think we love the Italian soda more. ;)
Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast, most relaxed place to enjoy breakfast in WDW, and service amazing.

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I haven't heard about any upcoming change. What's happening, and when?
Oh no, nothing that I have heard of. I just assume with the sparse crowds there (which is part of what I like about that restaurant) that WD will eventually turn it into some soulless Aladdin character dinner place where they serve you burgers and ‘A magic carpet fried - chicken’ for $59.99 a pop.


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I finally booked BE OUR GUEST (lunch) for our mini trip in August (we’re local but doing a 2 night hotel stay). Never been there before but we have 2 girls (15 & 5), so I figured they’d get a kick out of the setting.

I used to always hear rave reviews but lately all I hear are complaints (overpriced, food quality, slipped, chicken replaced the pork, etc.)

Didn’t know what to expect at this point? Opinions, thoughts? Thanks 😎😎😎


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We rotate different places each trip some favorites ~ Boma, Biergarten, Homecoming, Ohana, Tusker House, Brown Derby, Raglan Road, Tea at GF. Treats we have to get each trip: Kramell Kuchen , Kringle Bakery, Les Halles (macarons , crème brulee), Frozen Grand Marnier for Mommy (lol) , Goofy's Kitchen, Main Street Bakery.


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Columbia Harbor House always gets a visit, quick service wise. Same with Pecos Bills! And BOG breakfast as well, though that’s partially to get at Mine Train before the crowds pack in. We aren’t consistent anywhere else, though the ABC Commissary inevitably gets a visit out of desperation. (I swear DHS has the weirdest hours for its food options)

In terms of table service, Rose & Crown is usually a must do for us. We’ve alway enjoyed the vibe there. No where else is an absolute. I’ve made it a goal to try new places every trip, most with reasonable success
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