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What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.


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Via Napoli. Calamari and Clams Oreganata for starters. Then a Broccolini pizza for the table. All the while sipping on the Italian beer flight selections.
Boathouse at Disney Springs. Start out with a dozen shucked raw oysters and yellowfin tuna poke. Then get the iceberg wedge salad with bleu cheese followed up by a main dish of grilled Pacific shrimp and cheese grits with Andouille sausage and Creole gravy. Lemon drop martini as a starter cocktail but order a glass of Napa Valley chardonnay with the main dish.


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me n wife have 2 favourite stops.
we always love narcossee's, the food is great but what we love the most, the Himalayan salted butter, strange i know but i could it a whole loaf of bread with it.

after jan 18 - we had breakfast at ohana, there was 20 of us for my wedding. it was unbelievably good on our first day. set up a great vacation.


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Le Cellier....something about the pretzel bread, the steak...and we don't like mushrooms so they replaced the mushroom risotto with blue cheese mashed potatoes....omg so good.

My wife said her family always went to Chef Mickey's the first night they would get to WDW, and last time we didn't go, but we are going again this time...I think it is perfect to get yourself into the Disney mood...seeing the main characters, the atmosphere...nothing special about the food, but everything else is a great teaser for the trip to come I feel.

We are working on trying new places, and last time we went to Mama Melrose for the first time and my wife loved it. She can't remember what she ordered but it was her favorite meal on property.


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'Ohana--dinner and breakfast, Jungle Canteen (I want the yucca fries back!), Satu'li Canteen, Biergarten dinner, and Rainforest Cafe at AK (I know, but my DH loves the seafood dish).

Restaurants we're trying for the first time: Storybook Dining, Yak & Yeti, and BOG breakfast

erasure fan1

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We used to have a few but now my only MUST do is Ohana. Although I would prefer they bring back the scalloped potatoes from many years ago. The noodles kind of stink.

I will also agree that Olivias is extremely under-rated. The breakfast was well above the normal Disney standard.
The last two trips we’ve done dinner at Sanaa and I have a feeling it’ll always be in the rotation from now on. We’ve also made Kona Cafe a regular stop. This past trip (December 2018) we ate at Bluezoo and I’d definitely go there again (although not technically a Disney restaurant).


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Yak and yeti.
Have to get the chicken tikka masala every trip. Yak and yeti is probably our favourite sit down restaurant at any of the parks. Favourite QS would have to be orange chicken from the China pavilion at epcot.


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There are so many....but for me its Ohana! The atmosphere and never ending grilled meat is wonderful! Love all the food there, especially the Ohana bread pudding! It's my favorite dessert at the World!


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First park day-always MK, and breakfast at BoG (love me some open faced egg & bacon sandwich).
Epcot-Teppan Edo (first time during our last trip, will make it a regular occurrence going forward)
DHS-50's Primtetime
DAK-Yak & Yeti (kobe burger & tikka masala are my faves)
Non park-other than the QS at the resort, Polite Pig at DS maybe?


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Ours is 'Ohana dinner! We used to have Kona Cafe breakfast and Sanaa dinner but we had to take off the list so that we could have the time to try new restaurants. So far, we haven't found one that tops 'Ohana.


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Sweet almond pretzel at Norway. I always get one.
Otherwise, we cannot miss eating at Cosmic Ray's, even if it is just chilling with a soda for a break. Food is so-so, but we love Sonny.


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After years and years of dining plan hits and misses, we have actually grown tired of most table service meals at WDW.

We have become counter service folks.

MK: Wife gets whatever the featured hot dog is at Casey's, I get the Chicken Waffle Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow then we get the Buffalo tots from The Friar's Nook....and we share, while pigging out.


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Capa…. What an amazing meal we had last year.... We had our wedding reception there a few years ago and it was amazing as well..

It has taken over for V&A after my disappointing meal this summer.


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@MK - Sleepy Hollow - so many mornings we've stopped for coffee and waffle sandwiches with fruit and nutella - yum!
@EPCOT - Restaurant Marrakesh - we all love Moroccan food (try the chicken bastilla!) and our local place shut down a few years ago - so sad...
@AK - Yak & Yeti - chicken tikka masala and alcoholic slushies, curry and booze, perfect for Florida hot weather
@DHS - Woody's Lunch Box - I have to love a quick service meal (sandwiches) that doesn't cause intestinal distress
Outside the parks - I've had many solid breakfasts at the Trail's End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness. My other go to, Artist Point for dinner, has probably been ruined by a garbage new menu and autograph seeking snot nosed glitter bomb toddlers, so I'm going to go sulk now.....


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The Yachtsman, I had the Kansas City Strip last time with the malt vinegar fries which were amazing, can't see that on the menu at the moment but any steak is fine 😁
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