What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.


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We don't have ONE meal we do every trip but rather favorites that we rotate through. That includes Crystal Palace, Garden Grill and Kona Café breakfast.. Liberty Tree Tavern, 50s Prime Time Café, Via Napoli and Ohana for dinner.... One thing that we always do during marathon weekend is eat dinner at California Grill after the half marathon as a celebratory dinner. We don't eat there every trip, since we normally take 2 per year, but always during Marathon weekend!

We DO have snacks we always get though! Churros were a staple for us growing up watching the original Illuminations and then ROE. Churros turned to margaritas when we were old enough and we always sat in the same place for the show. I'm happy to say we will be there for the final show in September, churros and margaritas in hand! We also always have a cake pop on Main Street on arrival day. Also the carrot cake cookie while watching March of the First Order (not anymore though :()

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I sure love a good meal at Cítricos!


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These aren't necessarily places we eat every trip, but we might eat there every other trip. :)

Magic Kingdom-Pecos Bill
Epcot-Les Halles, Spice Road Table, Tutto Gusto
Animal Kingdom-Nomad Lounge

Contemporary-California Grill
Boardwalk-Flying Fish
Animal Kingdom Lodge-Jiko, Boma
Polynesian-Trader Sam's Tiki Terrace
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We try not to eat at the same places every trip, but throughout the years we have gone through phases where we will go back to the same places. Our all time must do meal is breakfast at O'hana. I've done the character breakfast there every time I've gone outside of my very first trip. We are planning an Aug 2020 trip and we MIGHT try something else. We'll have to see...

Other places we've been to multiple times are 50's Prime Time Cafe, Sci Fi Dine in Theater, and San Angel Inn.

On our last trip we enjoyed meals at BOG and Chef Mickey's dinner and I've gotten requests to add them back on this trip. We also enjoyed Pecos Bills for a QS meal and will probably wind up there as well.


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Cape May every single time. Garden Grill, San Angel, Ohana, Crystal Palace, 50's Prime Time, Olivia's are ones that we rotate through.

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The curry katsudon at Yakitori House. It's not earth-shatteirng, but it simply reminds me of (1) Hawaiian-style curry I'd get as a treat when I was young, and (2) the first decent Japanese meal that I had after we moved to the mainland.


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Every trip we must do:
Kona Cafe-pineapple/macadamia pancakes
California Grill Brunch
Hollywood Brown Derby-I get the entree portion of the Cobb Salad and DH gets the filet
Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie- we just discovered it on our last trip and went there 3 times!


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We try to experiment with different places each trip, but we always LOVE...

The Plaza Restaurant (for Lunch)
Be Our Guest (for Lunch)
Tusker House
Le Cellier

We also ate at 50’s Prime Time Cafe on our last trip and loved it, so it will probably become a regular place for us as well!


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Next September will be our 3 rd trip as a family but first time on the dinning plan. We will go to a California Grill as always as that has a special place for us as it’s where my husband proposed to me and we went there on our honeymoon.

Other than that, we are mega excited about the dining plan and the places we want to go

On our list is:

Boma - Dinner
Sanaa - lunch
The Wave - Dinner
Wine Bar George - meat and cheese platters
Hoop de du Review
Tusker House - Dinner
Yak + Yetti - Lunch

Just to make a few

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We make sure to eat lunch at Grand Floridian Cafe every time we visit. We also get a dessert at Les Halles each visit to EPCOT. Other than that, we try to eat somewhere we've never tried before.


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Never miss meal for us is Le collier, with honorable mention to Wolfgang Puck's Express!
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