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What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.


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and what do you like there?

Just some light, fun questions on a Monday for no particular purpose.

Anyhoo, we have two.

1) Olivia's at OKW. We never miss breakfast here, I think it's still a best kept secret. I love love love the crab cake eggs benedict and the banana break french toast.

2) Via Napoli. we always have lunch here the very first day we arrive. lol I swear it's the reason why we get park hoppers so no matter where we end up we can get over to the Italy pavilion. always get the pizza which we love but I think we love the Italian soda more. ;)


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Yak & Yeti - became one of our favorites. The Lo mien & The fried Wonton dessert....just wow.

Sanaa - (either the lounge or restaurant) Bread service!


Epcot UK fish shop? - fish and chips
Ak Kusafari Coffee/Bakery - Warm Cinnamon bun (became a trip tradition)
Ear Of Sandwich - yeah its a sandwich - but they are pretty darn good.

just a few


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1. Cape May My wife (and subsequently I) love to indulge in Snow Crab legs. I grew up on the Georgia coast and have been shucking crab since I was 5 so its second nature for me and easier since they are so much larger than the blue crab. I can hear the nay-sayers chime in about fresh seafood, but I don't believe many of them live near the Bering Sea where these come from.

2. Biergarten Both my wife and I are of the Germanic diaspora and grew up with this type of fare, so its comfort food for us.

3. La Hacienda de San Angel My wife is from Texas, and we live there as well as Georgia. (yep 800+ mile commute each way)


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Dinner at 'Ohana has become a tradition -- with the sticky wings being a favorite component.

However, last time we visited we also tried lunch at Yak & Yeti and pizza at Via Napoli, both of which were so good that my family insists that they be added to the "must do list" for our next trip (assuming the menus are significantly similar when we come back, in or after 2021).

Think Tink

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Oddly enough, mine is Columbia Harbour House. It's not that the food is the best out there, don't get me wrong, it good, but I love to eat my lunch, get a frozen lemonade with a Mickey straw, and then head over to Haunted Mansion :) It's my thing now.

Also - I only get Mickey Pretzels from the Lunching Pad. I am a creature of habit :hilarious:

Dr. Ludwig von Drake

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Whispering Canyon Cafe was a regular for us. We last visited in May. We enjoyed the food, the craziness and the bottomless shakes, especially with our young kids. Not so sure about how it will be in the future now that it has calmed down so much.

We also go to Columbia Harbor House. Love sitting on the bridge and watching the crowds.

Ohana whenever we can get the reservations. Tough for 7.

Liberty Tree Tavern. The desert on my last trip was excellent. Warm, giant chocolate chip with ice cream. We got seconds.


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Be Our Guest lunch. I've eaten more Tuna Nicoise Salad than is probably recommended, but it is oh so good. That tuna, dressing, spicy arugula, poached egg... we try to eat at new places/eat new things every trip, but I could never give this up.


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It is usually difficult to get and extremely expensive for what you get, but it's breakfast at Chef Mickey's. We have a developmentally disabled adult son who absolutely loves seeing those 5 characters in the same place. We have a collection of family portraits from the restaurant from 1996 though 2014 with maybe 4 exceptions. Hoping to finally make it back later this year depending how other things pan out.


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Weve developed our dining list of must do. For us is dependent on favorite menu items, the attentive service weve consistently received and the atmosphere. Weve started avoiding the noisier, kid crazy ones. Topping our list in each park are... La Hacienda... shrimp tacos, Yak & Yeti.. shrimp lo mein, 50s Prime Time... pot roast and BOG...Braised Pork.


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Beaches & Cream - it's my dad's favorite place and the food is pretty darn good.
Saul'ti (or whatever) canteen - best QS on property
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