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What job would you apply for if you wanted to work for Disney?


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Undercover quality inspector for all parks & properties worldwide. I would arrive just as a normal guest and act as if I am just on vacation. Each night I would then write up my report for the day detailing the good and the bad. The only advantage I would have would be the unlimited FP+'s available to schedule on my magic band(for research purposes only). I would also need to be able to get into any restaurant with no advanced notice(again for research purposes only).
I do this for the Disney Stores.....helps pay for my trips!


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I'm too old to work the rides and too young to drive the buses. I'd have gone into IT... But after that little layoff debacle... Life's too short to work for Disney.


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I was already a CM at Pecos Bills—so check that off the list.

If it's a "on stage" CM job I would have to say Jungle Cruise, HM or Tot. Someplace I could use my personality.


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I would do what I did in 2005 which was work in Entertainment and go back to doing the Parades and the shows. I would work at Kona Cafe as a server, Ohanas as a server probably if I didn't get the chance to be a performer again.


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Let see... I would want to start with Disney Channel and rework all networking there and make it more of what it was in it's prime, which would lead me to the parks, because I used to LIVE for the Live from Disney World concerts that they did. Then, since I would be in the parks, and they would be so busy because of the hype from my amazing channel, I would work on concept and process development for the parks, and then I would check-in to make sure all my resorts are up to snuff, which they usually are. By this point, I would be so adored by the public and so successful that I would be offered CEO of TWDC, and then, I could really get going! ;)


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I'd love to be the Chip and Dale character handler at Frontierland/Liberty Square. Take care of VIPs that aren't going to get mobbed like a princess, see lots of happy faces, enjoy the great outdoors, hang out in a part of MK that I love. That seems like an ideal retirement job.


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I actually had to write a paper once in college about my dream job and everyone was super amused at my choice. If I didn't need to get a degree in something realistic then I would totally pursue my "dream". I would LOVE to be in charge of the stables at Walt Disney World. I love horses and have ever since I was in diapers. I used to ride English when I was younger, then when I lived in Austin I worked with a non-profit hippotherapy center where I handled and helped take care of the horses. If I worked with horses then no day would ever feel like work!!! All of the Disney horses are so beautiful!! I just wanna clean their hooves and curry comb their fur and braid their hair and love them!!!

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